Move Incentivized Eth Pools from Uniswap to Sushiswap

Uniswap is now removing mAssets from their UI on their exchange. These assets will still exist in the liquidity pools but users will not be able to trade or liquidity pool them using uniswap’s UI.

Mirror should remove the liquidity pool incentives from the uniswap pool since users will no longer to trade in the pools with the UI.

Sushiswap would be the best alternative location to host the incentivized liquidity pools for eth wrapped mAssets.

You can find uniswap’s blog post here:

List of removed tokens(mAssets are at the very bottom):


I support this. But how do we know that sushi swap isnt gonna try to censor us?


Uniswap’s team is based in the USA. They likely did this do to avoid any lawsuits. I don’t believe that sushi swaps team is in the US. So hopefully they wouldn’t do this.

There are other options as well, 1inch is a possibility.

I just don’t think that mirror should incentivize a liquidity pool that doesn’t list it on its UI.

An alternative possibility is to completely remove the rewards from uniswap pools and redirect them to the existing pools on terra.


I’ve been here since you had to manually add the token address to the uniswap interface, not a huge deal, you’ll just have to use . But i agree with you. The point im making is we should engage with sushi swap, 1inch or maybe balancer before making a decision to move there


I agree with this more than my original suggestion to rush to sushi swap. Reaching out to other dexes on eth, would be a better way forward.


Sushiswap seems like an obvious choice. They also share the vision of a multichain economy. Also they have multiple front ends and UI’s supported by the community and hosted on IPFS.

BTW, to zoom out a bit, I am concerned about this seemingly inevitable outcome for DeFi apps across the board, including Mirror. What’s going to happen is that the regulators will censor the front-end domains/UIs and/or the back-end cloud infrastructure (AWS, Azure, etc.) where Terra and Mirror rely upon centralized services and/or entities. This is why we need decentralized front-and-back end services, such as Akash or Internet Computer sooner rather than later.


Arweave offers protocol-level incentivised storage of UI’s and their corresponding assets: Javascript, html, images etc. Storage requires a one-time fee, which gets paid into an endowment that pays network nodes over 200+ years. hosts a collection of archived UI’s including Uniswap v2, however it looks like Uniswap v3 is currently not archived. I have got in touch with the Argo team who previously archived the other apps to request they do the same for the previous v3 version.

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look into moving to plasmaswap as well

Interested in coming to Pangolin Exchange on the Avalanche network? We will give you all the support you need.

The userbase on avalanche is not anywhere as important as the userbase on ethereum. Feel free to move mAssests to pangolin if you want to set up liquidity pools there.