Moving MIR from Hotbit to Terra Station

Good Morning / evening all,

I have some MIR that I got on Hotbit, and I would like to move them to my Terra Station wallet. The problem that I am facing is that apparently my wallet address is not recognized by hotbit (“Invalid withdrawal address”).
Any idea?

hi @Starflex78,

hotbit probably only has ERC20 version of MIR, if you have Metamask wallet, you can first withdraw ERC20 version of MIR there and then send them to your terra address using either or

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Hi @alagiz ,

Yep, I think this could be the problem. I do not have a Metamask wallet (fairly new into the crypto space, still building up my knowledge) so that will be thr first step.

Thank you very much for your assistance and pointing me in the right direction :slight_smile:

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no worries, man!

as a side note - to execute transactions on ethereum (when sending MIR to terra address using, for instance) - you will need to have some ETH to pay the transaction fee. Also when executing transactions on terra (when staking MIR in, for instance) - you will need UST or LUNA to pay transactions fees on terra blockchain.
terra fees are way smaller than ethereum fees currently.

there are other ways of achieving what you want also - like sending your MIR erc20 to kucoin and then withdrawing it from kucoin to your terra wallet - kucoin supports both erc20 and terra for depositing and withdrawing.