What’s everyone’s thoughts on UMA’s WSB index fund(uStonks) they’re creating? Is this something we should beat them to or even pursue? Looks like they will have the index ready sometime after March 31st(correct me if I’m wrong). Beating UMA to an index fund will let us lead the way for WSB investors into the defi space and put the spotlight on us. I understand the chances of the hype dying down by the time we can excecute this is high so please let me hear your thoughts. This thread is open for all feedback.


  • 25% each


  • Are we we able to peg all stonks to one mAsset initially or do we need to introduce all BANG stocks as their individual mAsset first?
  • Are we able to rebalance the basket in the future if new WSB stocks become popular?
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Think this would be a great idea. Not sure if mirror would prefer to go the lowkey route and just have the product speak for itself, but imo there’s definitely some long-term value to be had in being somewhat proactive in trying to get publicity, and an mBANG would be free (pretty low-cost) publicity. Anybody have an idea how long it’d take for mirror to list something like a mBANG index?