My First Whitelist Incoming | Bring Huge Crypto Community to Mirror

Hello All!

I am new, but excited to contribute to this amazing community, I hope you like my proposal. Once I thought of it I immediately came here for feedback, before submitting the whitelist for a new mAsset.

I think it would be awesome to see the Ohm token from Olympus DAO on mirror protocol - hear me out why.

Ohm stakers are rewarded with high compounding interest rewards, but are subject to falling Ohm values like many tokens. I think a mirror asset would allow Ohm stakers to hedge their downside risk while still reaping the rewards of compounding interest. It can be mutually beneficial for Mirror, Ohm, and Luna overall as it would bring users from Eth(Ohm is ERC20) over to our ecosystem.

The Ohm token has a strong community, and has been discussed by well known thought leaders like Balaji Srinivasan. I believe, if hedging Ohm is financially beneficial as I think it may be, that we could see large amounts of Ohm holders become mirror users :star_struck:. Ohm has over $2B in market cap, it would be great to see many of those resources being utilized in a short farm on mirror to hedge the Ohm token and expand to user base of Mirror Protocol.

I am not an economist or finance guru, so perhaps hedging will not be as valuable as it is in my mind, but I have no doubt it would be an interesting experiment.

Also, does anyone know the reason for adding Dot to mirror? I am wondering if there was a unique benefit for bringing Dot users to mirror the same way I described bringing Ohm users to mirror.

What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts to improve my “Reason for Listing” before submitting the poll.


Thank you and have a great week!

OHM already got voted down. Probably mention that in the Reason for Listing

Like the previous poster I remembered that there was a Olypmus Dao vote in the past.
Looks like it passed:

I am personally not a huge fan of fairly small tokens getted listed on Mirror.
Before it can be listed on Mirror, there should be a vote about registering of the parameters of Olympus DAO. And Band Oracle should have price information about this token. Currently it is not listed on:

Thanks for sharing, both @Mr.MIR and @wolfi !

I am glad to see it passed!

Is there anyway to see the queue of whitelisted assets and their progress towards being implemented?

I tried searching when i first made my post - how were you able to do that? Sorry if the question is answered somewhere already.


In the Govern tab you can find all the votes:

No I am not aware that there is a queue or updated list of assets who passed the whitelisting vote and the registering parameters vote. There are many project who passed the whitelisting vote, but cannot be traded on Mirror yet. Each tradeable asset also needs a second vote (registering parameters vote) - which usually only passes, when the Band oracle already has information on that.

This other threads might be of interest - with related information on that:
Why does it take so long to list whitelisted assets on Mirror?
List of mAssets which passed whitelist but aren’t available

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