My governance staking rewards have stopped completely. Why?

Hi everyone,
I’ve had some MIR staked in governance for about a week now and have enjoyed watching the rewards roll in, but yesterday, I bought some more MIR and staked it in governance and now the rewards have stopped completely. Over 24 hours now and not even .001 increase in MIR.
Can someone explain to me what is happening and if there’s something I need to do to fix this?

thank you,

same for me, I was wondering what made them stop

I just unstaked some of them and restaked them. I couldn’t do that with all of them because some are tied up in a vote, but am curious to see if that causes it to start back with the rewards. Very strange.

Governance rewards are only paid when people are closing minted positions. Given that most minted positions can’t be closed on the weekends, you should not expect to see any rewards.

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Thank you for that. That was some information I wasn’t able to find in my googling. That makes perfect sense.

Rewards are not updated on the weekends. You should be able to see the change tomorrow.