Never received withdraw of UST to metamask

In history it says my UST was sent to this address, but I sent it to my metamask address.
I never recvd. Can anyone tell me how to retrieve it?
terra13yxhrk08qvdf5zdc9ss5mwsg5sf7zva9xrgwgc the address my UST went to.
terra1ezs850pmtjxppsseamaqwe9nze4gxh0rjn6sxw my address I sent from.

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I don’t think that Metamask can support Terra chain. :frowning_face:

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actually the address in terra you have sent to is the shuttle one. It should have redirected to ethereum if you pout the correct address. Can it be that in metamask you dont have the ust token imported but you have received it? Can you check in etherscan?

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did this ever get resolved i did the exact same thing with MIR

I have a transaction to that same wallet from Terra Station but do not recall sending it.
Odd it’s the same wallet. Is from an exchange?

is there still nothing on this?

hi there, I too lost my LUNA/UST to terra13yxhrk08qvdf5zdc9ss5mwsg5sf7zva9xrgwgc. According to my history, my LUNA was converted to UST and then sent to the above address with the other balance of my UST. I dont remember sending any of my LUNA/UST to any address not even Metamask. I hope someone can be kind enough to point me in the direction to take. I have also not reveal my seed phrase to anyone.

Please help txs

I traced a few phishing addresses that are all moving money into this account. I believe it is a large scale scam operation.

Hi Donsman, Txs for the search.
I really wish someone or a group with enough domain expert can help recover some Luna back from these scammers. I do not mind paying some Comm for his or the group effort. The amount of Tokens in That address holds should be enough to compensate for the effort. I am surprised that the large amount in there did not trigger any kind of ‘red flag’ .

I hope the powers that be can help make this blockchain one of the safest in the crypto world.

Best Regards,
Charles Kohsikaporn

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Did you add UST to metamask?