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Github of original Mirror Protocol


Nice work! I’m getting a “dangerous website blocked” warning. See attached

I see that you made your author account 12 hours ago too, and you’re not somone who’s been in this community for too long. Are you trying to scam the way that the terra fake airdrops do in the Terra Station governance proposals? Because my guard is very much up here. Thanks in advance for clarifying

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I joined 1 Nov. Take a closer look.

What about warning. Java scripts were saved from, from original Terra site. I just copied the scripts. No modification.

New Main site now also saved in web-archive-org:

So far it doesn’t seem like Alex is a scammer. Don’t think anyone’s audited his work but haven’t seen reports of getting robbed and I believe he’s made a telegram to help people. You can also always check the contract before actually executing the transaction.

By the way, I wrote instructions on how to deploy your own mirror-site at

How to deploy github repository via vercel app:

  1. Register Github account

  2. Import proffered repository to your github account (create new - import repository) from here:

Github of


Github of original Mirror Protocol

  1. Login to with your github account. This links your accounts

  2. Then use this instruction to deploy your new github repository to vercel app:

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  1. I fixed errors with commissions!

TRADE options (sell and buy) and FARM LONG are now working at site:

  1. That was option “gasPrice” at file:


Previous value was - " .15"

I set “.25”

Increasing the gas price in order to pay the tax is not a solution and it will only work for small transactions, as the tax is proportional to the amount of USTC (or another native coin) sent.

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                    fee: {
                        gasPrice: .75,
                        amount: 5e5

Site restored and works