New Websites Can open

We can build new mirrorprotocol websites,

We found the codes from githup and check them already. or some other domain can be taken.

What do you think about this.


good…lets do it…we need to do something…

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Hi all

There is links to vercel app hosting on mirror protocol github. It works.

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Good Idea.
Please make it HEVI
I support you who makes new MIR website. :heart_eyes:

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If you’ve really built the Mirror web app from source, can you share the changes needed? Because without changes it does not compile:

$ yarn start
Starting the development server...


Failed to compile.

TypeScript error in /home/pf/2022.11.01.mirror.webapp/2/terra-web-dapp/src/components/AppHeader.tsx(13,9):
Type 'React.ReactNode' is not assignable to type 'import("/home/pf/2022.11.01.mirror.webapp/2/terra-web-dapp/node_modules/@types/react-router/node_modules/@types/react/index").ReactNode'.  TS2322

    11 |     <header className={styles.header}>
    12 |       <Link to="/" className={styles.logo}>
  > 13 |         {logo}
       |         ^
    14 |       </Link>
    15 |     </header>
    16 |   )
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I forked repo at github, and then deploying fork with vercel app.



Thanks. I tried building with git clone ... && cd ... && yarn set version latest && yarn install && yarn start At ‘yarn start’ I was getting various kinds of TypeScript compilation errors. So this method of building is broken.

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I didn’t have any problems with github and vercel

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Thanks guys for working on this. I think it’s worth putting out there that if we can get a new and trusted mirror protocol app up, I’d like to make a proposal to pay out a stipend / MIR vesting payout to those of you who are working the github/vercel angle and sharing your results with us on how you got there.
Apologies if I sound overly jaded or cynical because of the untrusted website warnings. Just been rugged and scammed so much that I don’t want to be dissapointed again :slight_smile:

Can confirm working mirror protocol dapp is up: Mirror Protocol

Developers left the project :slightly_smiling_face:

Next question is can we get the mAssets to regain their accuracy in price and names to the assets mirrored, along with adding new mAssets.
And if Terraform left Mirror, does that mean they left Anchor Protocol too?

mAssets are not secured debts. Someone has to buy them.

About Terraform - can’t say anything.

So basically the mAssets are worthless except from a speculative perspective? (greater fool theory)

I know GLXY, DOT, BTC and ETH are depegged; is there not a way to burn excess assets out of circulation to re-peg in some way?

mAssets are on user accounts or staked by users in smart contracts. So it’s hard to burn this assets.

Only speculation, or restart the pyramid with Mirror 2 :joy:

But one more, we need to remember, ustc was also depegged. So need first to resolve the problem with ustc. Or create ustc-2 :upside_down_face:

Have you heard if thats going according to plan? the USTC depeg-repeg? Also probably Mirror is staying on Luna Classic or is it possible a team like Spectrum could take control of it and run it on both chains?

I did not see any plans yet