Newbie here, could we please integrate GME and AMC before MKT open Monday? EDIT: WOW I STUMBLED INTO THE MOST POWERFUL DEFI PROJECT WITHOUT REALIZING

Hey guys your project is super cool, I’d love to get some of these at a discount once the hedge funds liquidate and it’s amazing to see this retail revolution!

Only question - if someone were to lock you out of the Apple/Google /FB part of the API is there still a way to create a non-linked wallet? Asking because my paranoid cold storage friends won’t touch it till they have at least separated wallet seeds. Just love the project 4.9/5 for asset support so far. Will get some SLV for the squeeze. Thanks!

EDIT: THERES ANOTHER PERSON who did the exact same thing but actually did it productively and made a proposal for GME/AMC to be added lol.

FWIW I wasn’t previously considering getting UST and/or Luna but now I see it as valuable as MATIC/Optimism with the L1 on MIR and L2 on SPAR. HOLY MOLY WSB is gonna love this, 24/hr trading?! Stonks incoming mods :slight_smile:

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