Newbie Question on Staking

I have staked a certain amount of MIR in Governance about a week ago. I participated in one poll and have only seen my staked MIR balance increase only once. The APR indicates a value that has been ranging between 12-15%. The increase occurred after the poll I voted on closed and seemed that it was consistent with the daily rate for that APR. I have not seen it increase since then. Am I missing something? How are staking balances in governance updated?

Balance of staked Governance token is updated whenever a CDP (minted position) is closed, or collateral is withdrawn.

1.5% fee is charged to withdrawn collateral and gets distributed to the governance stakers. So it doesn’t happen on regular basis, such as “per block”.

The APR data you are seeing is based on weekly moving average of distributed reward.
This documentation should give you a better idea of how it should work:

  1. About protocol fee: Mirror Token (MIR) - mirror
  2. How collected protocol fees are turned into MIR tokens: Collector - mirror

Hope this helps :slight_smile: