Noob Q re LPing on MIR-UST Pair

I had provided a total liquidity of approx 930 MIR and 5321 UST to the MIR-UST pool on Mirror v.1 in late May '21. That position is now approx 1,100 MIR and 4,523 UST. Is this IL or something else? I get that the value of the position falls as MIR price lowers, but I did not get why the UST balance fell.

The pairs in liquidity pools balance each other out. If one coin drops in value more than the other, you will have a higher balance of that, than the other. You will have a smaller balance in the coin, which increased its value. This is called impermanent loss.

As reward - in most or all liquidity pools - you earn the trading fees. To see how liquidity pools work you can use calculators like this one:
Impermanent Loss Calculator

If you need more explanation about impermanent loss, you can get an explanation from here:
how do liquidity pools work?

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Got it, v helpful, thanks!

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