Not able to unlock MIR-UST LP

Hi, I have staked some time ago MIR-UST pool.
Then 3 weeks ago I have unstaked, waited 2 weeks and don’t see how I can withdraw.
Anyone can help?

have you tried here?: Mirror

Thats just the same app - the effect is the same, same UI. I remember I’ve unstaked that LP but then nothing happened. I even dont know what to expect, how does it look like in UI. I am using
The old one was Mirror

If you unbonded on mirror instead of withdraw, you can withdraw the LP on Terraswap

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Wow now you talking! :slight_smile:
Thanks, I didn’t know that. And why the hell there is no such swap on terra station? I was looking over there. Also Mir docs didnt say anything about that for LP.
On top of that mirror protocol uses name like MIR-UST LP and TerraSwap uses UST-MIR LP. Didn’t know I can’t withdraw in mirror. Thanks!

How can you unbond on Mirror. The only option I see is withdraw…

If I hit the withdraw I get this screen…

After I approve the transaction on my wallet I get this message…

If you know what I need to do please let me know.

Do you realize that all that is valued in less than $10?