Only available during market hours

Hi everyone,
first of all sorry for my english; I’ll try to be clear and quick!
In the past moths it’s been possible for me to close my short farm position but since a cupple of week I cannot close the short farm cose ther’s always the Error :Only available during market hours.

I’m Italian and I live in Italy. I allready checked merket opening hours here and I have the same problem even when the market it’s clearly open.

Thank you in advance for the help you will give me.

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If you are looking at the red banner at the bottom which says “Only available during market hours” then just ignore it - it is displayed always, even when the market is open. If you cannot close your position (the button to do that is grayed out), then check whether you have exact amount of mAsset (or more), as sometimes you have 0.999998 while the position is for 0.999999 and you will not be able to close it because of that.

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Thanks a lot.
I will check as soon as the market opens

I am having the same exact issues. I was able to close short farm positions a couple weeks ago and now I can’t because the protocol tells me “only available during market hours” and has the close button greyed out. this is an actual bug that needs to be fixed asap!

Have you resolved yours yet?

Sorry for the late reply!
Im getting mad because I still have the same problem… I’m losing the right time to close my short farm and I’m pissed off even because nobody talks about this issue.

Market hours for Nasdaq stocks are 10:00-02:00 Italian time. The “Only available during market hours” message is shown 24/7.

Try not looking at the message and just close your position.

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it’s simply not possibile! The “close” botton is in light grey and it can’t be pushed!
Even Withdrawal is only available during market hours… I’m getting mad!

You were already mad. Does the clock on your pc display the correct time?

yes, it does.
I’ll try again next week and I’ll let you know

Hey, italian here, same exact problem. My friend successfully closed his short position by randomly moving the collateral ratio pin on the bar, saying it was a bug. I tried everything but it’s not working. Someone found a solution?


I’ll try again as soon the mrkt gets open.

It’s open budddddddddd

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yes… and the issue it’s still there… “only available during fuking market hours”

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