Open long position using aUST collateral

Could it be possible to open long position using aUST as collateral?
or open long position using short position of that same mAssets as collateral?

Currently, the way the protocol works, it give incentive to short assets, which is odd to me.

If not possible, then could we add inverse of mAssets, like SCO for USO, (short on USO) to open short position on SCO to be in a trade equivalent of long in USO using aUST as collateral ?

Once we have leveraged perp/margin trading on mirror then yes I imagine aUST can be used as collateral to open up a 10x mTSLA position.

You need to understand that in the current model it is only shorters who introduce mAssets into circulation. Without them there are no mAssets to trade.

Totally agree with this. Would love to be able to actually construct a portfolio like I would tradfi and no feel like I am debating whether I am going to beat a 20% yoy return. I think this needs to be integrated soon imo