Opinion on the future of this protocol

-mir emissions cut in half so the aprs
-mir value is on the downtrend which is resulting in less aprs
-governors are ditching mir after rewards become less with downtrend price action

  • premiums are insanely high

Mir token is like a charity for massets and luna. They are the only winners here.Governors are the biggest losers and we are leaving. I sold my mirs and will get back once there is plan forward.

Big hit indeed

Would be great if people will get a discount (e.g.50%) on closing Minted positions if paying with MIR.
That will create enough incentive to keep the MIR price flying.

I think to idea of the protocol is great, but I don’t get it why mir token exist. All rewards should be in UST. Then the protocol would be a lot more attractive for everyone.
Layth: Why do you say mir token is charity for mAssets ?