Partnership Mirror x DDDX to Improve liquidity, incomes and influence

Hi guys! hope to establish the partnership with Mirror, and we bring this proposal to Mirror with impressive benefits:

Partnership Proposal for Mirror x DDDX

Who is DDDX?
DDDX Protocol natively supports swaps between closely correlated assets via a new curve achieving a stable swap close to 0 slippage and a 0.01% fee. DDDX protocol supports veNFT governance and ve(3,3) tokenomics.

Maximum TVL:heavy_dollar_sign: 420,000,000
Partners on BNB: Autofarm, Beefy, dForce, Moonpot, RabbitFinance etc.
Audited by: CERTIK ( - CertiK Security Leaderboard)

Currently deployed on BNB Chain, plans to deploy & launch on Ethereum, and wants to invite Mirror as one of the most important Ethereum ecological partners, to participate in the launch plan and protocol governance. Launch Plan on Ethereum

The total initial supply is 10,000,000 DDDX(100%). Of which 3,000,000 DDDX (30%) will be minted on the launch of project ; 2,900,000 DDDX (29%) will be automatically locked as veNFT for distribution; 100,000 DDDX(1%)will be used as initial liquidity.

A total of 1,000,000 DDDX (10%) will be airdropped to ecological partners on Ethereum, including stablecoin protocols, yield-like protocols, etc. Each project as Mirror will receive a 50,000 DDDX airdrop (In the form of veNFT).

Ecological partners who have received the veNFT can create their own trading pair and vote for themselves, in the consequence the trading pair will get DDDX token emissions rewards, which will be used to incentivize the liquidity providers. Mirror will also get the exchange fees of its trading pair.

We will provide Mirror:

  1. 1/58 initial voting power (50,000 DDDX emission in form of veNFTs)
  2. Mirror can create trading pair like MIR/USDT on DDDX. io platform.
  3. Mirror use the voting power to vote for your own trading pair.
  4. The liquidity pool will get DDDX tokens emission. Incentivized by this, more users will add liquidity to MIR/USDT liquidity pool.
  5. Mirror will get the exchange fees generated by the trading pair MIR/USDT (Exchange fees are 100% shared by the voters, and obviously your team is the biggest voter of it)

The benefits to Mirror for long term:

  1. Attract more liquidity
  2. Keep MIR price more accurate.
  3. Increase exposure and users

We expect Mirror to:

  1. Build the cooperation relationship with DDDX. io
  2. Encourage users to provide liquidity to the MIR/USDT liquidity pool & trade on DDDX platform .

By reaching the above cooperation, Mirror will receive new DDDX token liquidity mining rewards, generating more incentives for the community.

Hi all members in Mirror community! you will like this partnership to be established?
We welcome everyone to participate in the discussion!
Thank you all, looking forward to your voice and advice!

Antonio S.
29th April 2022

Sadly all the ETH keys were burned so unless there is a token migration there can be no changes on the ETH side.

Thanks for taking the time to write a well thought out proposal with actual value.

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Hi CoolGuy, thanks for reply. But I didn’t get you.
Could you explain more details?

So the protocol is the OG Terra defi protocol that initially had a bridge with contracts on Ethereum. But the dev team burned the keys to the Ethereum chain, so we can’t really modify anything on that end.