Portfolio Tracker

Dear developers,

Given the number of mAssets available, the volatility of the latter and the potential to easily make additions to or withdrawals from a portfolio, I firmly believe that the addition of an integrated portfolio tracker which gives an accurate breakdown of holdings and their historic value; daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and all time PnL as well as portfolio performance would be of great value and add transparency as well as legitimacy to the protocol.

I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate the team on mirror V2 release.

Thank you


Have you looked at https://mirrormarket.finance/ and https://apeboard.finance/?
Not perfect, but useful.

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I’m aware there are other websites however it would greatly add credibility to the mirror platform if it had its own integrated tracker, similar to what one would normally expect to find in traditional centralised brokerages.

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Really great point @ksammut91 …increases “stickiness” as well.

Is the mirror market app reliable? Is it a separate team or supported by the mirror protocol team?

A community backed project I think.

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