Potential high premium solution

Someone had an interesting solution raised in the telegram group, copy pasted as below.

Allow the mint collateral to be unlocked by paying the oracle price in UST so shorts can be closed in profit and actually affect an arbitrage.


This would require complete top-to-bottom redesign of almost all of Mirror’s smart contracts.

It’s an interesting idea, but I would need to research the potential attack vectors to come out firmly either for or against.


If mAsset is minted when opening a position, then the same amount of mAsset should be burned when closing the position. How and by whom would the mAsset be burned in this proposal?

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If possible, I think that’s a good idea. How can we proceed? I’m having a hard time because of the high premium.

Very smart idea and completely sensible, redesigning the smart contracts its the difficult part. There are a lot of stuff that could be improved by upgrading the contracts like closing the shorts outside trading hours if you have the borrowed assets.