Prevent duplicate whitelisting proposals in Mirror

Mirror Protocol frequently gets proposals to whitelist various assets that have already been whitelisted (yet not fully onboarded, presumably as we wait for Mirror v2). I suggest that we prevent folks from making these duplicate proposals.

Here are the problems with it

  1. Well intentioned people (I assume?) are wasting their money, since I believe you lose your deposit when a proposal doesn’t pass
  2. It creates FUD when semi-ignorant people go onto Mirror, see legit companies just not being voted on, and then taking to social media crying “Mirror is dying! Nobody cares about new assets!”
  3. If we want to incentivize active participation by stakers, some have suggested requiring a vote on x % of proposals. This doesn’t work as well if there are many proposals floating around that are just noise.

What’s the mechanism to prevent these duplicates? I’m actually not sure. But I wanted to call out what I see as a problem.

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It is not that people don’t get deposit back when the poll doesn’t pass, but it is that voting participation has to be higher than 10% of the total staked MIR.

But I still agree that governance participation is not high and polls are not able to pass the voting threshold.

One of the solutions suggested for this change is to reward only the users that have voted on 1/2 of on-going polls (Collection of changes for v2)

The duplicates I have seen are:

Microstrategy (MSTR) passed and then was later proposed again and rejected
Walt Disney Co (DIS) passed and then got proposed redundantly again and was recently rejected

Very lazy right? I think the subsequent rejections should be invalidated.

I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing if something was previously rejected and is proposed again some time later (although I could be convinced that there should be an informal cooling off period or something).

In my opinion this could have been flagged when you go to open a new poll since the company names and tickers were duplicates.