[Proposal] add new mAsset - Bitfarms (mBITF)

Hi community

Bitfarms (BITF) a canadian mining company with big investors like galaxy digital, samsung and some more successfully mined more than 900 bitcoin just in q1 2022. such company are providing valuable service to whole crypto community and i think supporting those in mirror protocol is beneficial for both investors and company itself.
unfortunately i don’t have 1000 MIR to make a Proposal but im sure a lot of people here that can do it.
Hope you like the idea.


Website: https://bitfarms.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Bitfarms_io


Looks good im waiting for poll

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I’m not sure what oracles Chainlink is now providing, but researching that would be a good first step.

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BITF has tiny market cap and is too volatile to be listed as an mAsset.