[Proposal] Add TLT (iShares 20 Plus Year Treasury Bond ETF) mAsset

There’s a lack of a solid hedge against the mASSETS which are tech-heavy.
What do you all think about adding TLT (iShares 20 Plus Year Treasury Bond ETF)?



I think cash flows are an important component of the bond. mAsset cannot create direct cash flows. How can we solve this problem? I think the fee for LP is a separate matter.

iShares is the product of Blackrock, a massive asset management firm. I support this idea. We do need to find a balance between being hyper-restrictive of what assets get added as an ‘mAsset’, and “put everything that exists on MIR”-mentality. Getting more Commodities and ETF’s would be good for the long term. Being able to hold tokenized Gold/Silver/Oil would be very cool!

Do you propose that the amount of MIR inflationary rewards distributed to a relatively stable pool like mTLT-UST be the same as all other asset pools?

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I fully support adding the TLT to mirror protocol so that I can short it for the upcoming interest rate hike cycle. Currently, we don’t have any way to short bonds in the mirror protocol.

How reactivate this proposal?

mAsset cannot create direct cash flows.

For dividends, wouldn’t it make sense to let the short position holders to pay long position holders?

Could you explain better your proposal?