[Proposal] Collect 3 Proposals from top-class design/digital marketing companies for a general Marketing Strategy (and derivative products?)

Echoed by the many posts in the community, I would like to gather the information required to get bids for a digital strategy from world-class design companies (and deliverables, including, but not limited to websites / microsites / campaigns etc). I have always been a huge fan of the work of Pentagram – here is the page of their digital work: Digital Design

What I am thinking is to create a proposal for community funds with the goal of:

  1. gather the information from the community and stakeholders (developers, TFL heads, whales, OGs) about the following
  • Community pain points
  • Various ideas for use cases
  • User persona-e (eg whale, small investor, student, financial adviser etc), target markets etc.
  • Long-term Vision for the product
  • Unknown / potentially lucrative use cases (that may require new satellite / Mirror dependent products to be developed, including, for example completely new services that will only lean on Mirror, but would be their own “thing”, such as eg Alice is to Anchor)
  1. Prepare a document digesting this information and initiate communication with up to 3 world class design/marketing companies as illustrated above. To put it in blunt terms, I am going to pretend that we are a community with the funds and potential to be an “airline” or a “bank”. We certainly have enough funds in the community pool to make several such campaigns possible.

Once this information has been gathered, in the usual “find a minimum of 3 bids”, I would approach 3 such companies and initiate a process, that usually spans about 2-3 months of “discovery”, with the goal of the 3 companies preparing a bid.

  1. If the bids provide something the community finds exciting, we would initiate subsequent discussions and proposals to go through for whatever will be the findings of this Phase I, including, but not limited to
  • General Digital Strategy
  • Product improvements/enhancements
  • Satellite products / services, blogs
  • Marketing collateral (videos, explainers, ads, banners, interstitial, paid blogs etc)
  • New business development discoveries
  • Geography-specific findings for large target markets and their potential use cases…

As I write this, It’s possible this would be shaped by the 3 agencies first as an Marketing Analysis project, before any deliverables (Digital Strategy) are actually scoped, so I see this potentially spanning many phases with the agency of choice - they would probably lead the conversation and guide the community. The market is vast, and potential uses virtually unlimited.

  1. Some additional notes: There is a lot of information already available in the forums and the wisdom of the community has yet to be mined further. I am hoping that at the end of this process, we would be able to find things such as:
  • Determine the lowest-hanging fruit and business cases that would multiply the number of users and assets (whether it’s a UX improvement, microsite, campaign landing page, or completely new service)
  • “Think out of the box” advertising campaigns (eg say we determine a particular target user base flies a lot, and we build a landing page and buy an advertising campaign in some airports) - I’m approaching this with an “anything is possible” attitude.
  • Seeds for specific use-case microservices/apps/mobile apps to target a specific funnel, if such was to be determined once this information is collected. Hypothetical example: We determine that the biggest market for MIR lies in the thousands of financial advisors worldwide, and we create the basic framework for a service that would allow these to onboard/manage funds for their clients on this new platform. (Note, this is just an example, I am aiming to illustrate the type of question and possible discovery I would like to find at the end of this process)

I am just opening this up for discussion, am willing to take this on. From my experience, some companies require funds to prepare more developed bids, so we need to be prepared for that – with large agencies that can be in the range of several thousands of $), and I am thinking to create a task force of 2-3 (?) people (i needed) to help with the logistics of this campaign.

I am still unsure whether this would encompass just a general digital strategy, or if it’s digital strategy + 1/2/3 (?) executed products (website/service/blog/video - I don’t know).

It would seem that we are looking at a 3-6 month engagement, and with the cost of bids, I would cap this at $50k for this stage.

I wanted to open this up for discussion to see if I can better formalize it prior to creating a proposal on Mirror. Any marketing expert that has worked with agencies (as a product owner / liaision), please chip in. I’ve mainly sat on the developer/designer agency side, and this was for products up to the $250k range - while I feel Mirror is a billion dollar “company” and brings its own challenges.


As I sit and digest, there are a few interesting “challenges” and further thoughts:

  • I realize I’d like to do the same for Terra as the “umbrella DAO” - of course, it has its own competely different ecosystem and uses. If anyone thinks this would be interesting, I will gladly move on (I first need a bit of input / sorry to muddle the waters here)
  • The agreement with such agency would also require some formalization of the way the community funds are spent (eg are they off-ramped to USD / this brings up taxation questions and how to ensure transparency and ensure the funds aren’t “lost” / fraudulently misappropriated – this goes for this and any other proposal) OR – is part of the agreeent that the agency creates their own wallet so fund spending is transparent)
  • Potential incentivization of a strategic partner of that level with MIR
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Hi! I’m glad my proposal has inspired you to do more for our community. I will fully support your initiative if it goes to vote!

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Hi, I think this is a great idea!
I feel like the focus of many people here is very technical, having a professional company take care of marketing would make a lot of sense to me and I would see this as a good use of funds from the community.
We have the funds for this in the community pool and I think it makes sense to use them!
I’ll vote a yes on this with the little MIR I hold :slight_smile:

your information is very interesting and a good question but i am not idea.