[Proposal] Community Funded Trading Contest

We live in an unprecedented time. I am a heavy Ethereum user and recently discovered Mirror (I use it on Terra). The experience is has been epic and friendly to say the least.

I suggest running a trading contest funded with the community fund - technical details and mechanics to be decided.

Action plan:

  • Set up a address whitelisting page for contest participation
  • provide dust amounts of UST to each participant - community funded
  • judge them by their P&L at the end of the contest date
  • put up 1000 MIRs from the community fund to up to 3 winners (TBD)

The objective would be to get traders who are turned off by what’s happening on Robinhood and Ethereum gas fees to give Mirror.finance a shot (especially on Terra).

If I get promising constructive feedback & discussion - I’ll put up a proposal hopefully by early next month.

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Rather than judge on p&l , judge on volume, i also think 3 winners is too little. I’d prefer an approach where there is a top 10 that share a prize pool and secondary pool for the top 11 - 30. No bot trades allowed, no mass creating wallets to abuse the system, etc.

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thanks - helpful feedback Papi.