(Proposal) Create MIR burning mechanism

Would be possible/desirable to build a burn mechanism into the protocol? Rather than distributing all MIR from collected protocol fees to stakers, a certain percentage could be burned instead perhaps? It would off set some of the inflationary pressure, and people love deflationary assets in general. What you guys reckon?

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Given the current MIR price action i don’t think this is required.

Pretty cool, even if a small portion gets burned. A fomo material, just like the CDP closure fee is used to market-buy MIR.

MIR is capped after 4 years: “There are planned to be a total of 370,575,000 MIR tokens to be distributed over 4 years. Beyond that, there will be no more new MIR tokens introduced to the supply.” (Mirror Token (MIR) - mirror)

Introducing burning makes no sense, but perhaps there are other creative ways to stimulate the ecosystem?

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