[Proposal] Disavow 0xCoolGuy from the MSC for Inappropriate Conduct

I propose that 0xCoolGuy be Disavowed from the MSC for Inappropriate Conduct. I’m opening this for discussion and welcome your polite and thoughtful responses. Let’s keep this discussion civil, please. We are all working to make this protocol better.

He has called several people a “disgusting sack of rat shit” or “a toxic sack of rat shit”, “a complete sociopath” and “unhinged”. While this is not a comprehensive list, it does give us a sense of how he interacts with Members.

These are the guidelines he has broken:

  • Be respectful - You must respect all users, regardless of your liking towards them. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
  • No Inappropriate Language - Any derogatory language towards any user is prohibited.
  • Direct & Indirect Threats - Malicious threats to other users of any kind (virtual+physical) are absolutely prohibited and disallowed.

As a Member of the MSC, he should be held accountable to the same standards that the rest of us. Here are the links to his comments below for your review.


im not sure why he has it in his head im some sort of bad actor. I think hes just a kid. He cant even compile a rational thought process. “stop trying to randomly liquidate others you XXXX”. The two polls that came before pushed forward by them would indeed liquidate any user sub 130% in mSPY and mKO who didnt check governance. Its like, uh what? LOL.


Here he is profiting from users who were liquidated earlier today, 100% due to the fact they didnt know.

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Man’s said what he said, but posting about how somebody saw an opportunity and decided to do something to profit off of it should not be a part of this conversation. You are attacking this man. You’ve said enough. The MSC did NOT put up the polls to change MCR to 1.10 OR to change them back to 1.30. We are NOT maliciously manipulating the protocol. Efforts were pushed by the MSC to inform the community about the imminent change. Unfortunately, we have limited reach in how far our individual voices can project.


All I am saying is the pot shouldnt call the kettle black.

For you to question why you are unsure why he asks whether you’re a bad actor is equally confusing to me.
It comes from the way you framed the proposal as an attack on the people at the MSC given ‘you didn’t have funds and look what I did’ while also consistently spouting that the MSC is stealing the funds appropriated to us (we are not, the multi-sig is available publicly). You made consecutive mistakes in creating a proposal. I know of many people who have trust issues because of prior rugs and otherwise where the devs or users frame things as ‘unintentional’ when they 100% did so to profit off of it. If you want to make changes, don’t be adversarial, actually bring ideas to the table in a coherent manner, then ask questions and get help if you’re unsure vs just throwing money at a problem and getting it wrong because of incorrect parameters. Mistakes are ok, just hard to believe when it involves money and a potentially advantageous outcome for the proposer. I’m not upset as to whether you’re malicious or not, I’m upset that you’re attacking the MSC while simultaneously misunderstanding what you were changing at the time of creating your polls.

The two prior polls that changed MCR from 1.1 to 1.3 for mKO and mSPY were vaguely supported, BUT NOT CREATED BY, people in the MSC because this sort of proposal was inevitable. 1.10 is way too low under current pegging mechanisms to ensure solvency upon Oracle price swings that would cause liquidations. I would have liked to have it be more gradual (1.1 → 1.2 → 1.3) but an anon beat us to it while we were still discussing the best approach to the 1.1 problem within the MSC and we just decided to let it play out.

Just please stop with your attacks on people, it helps nobody. Help build, civilly, instead.

one person, not “several people”.

There is no thread anywhere there.

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I really dont care and should not have commented on this post. But I love your thinking here

one person, not “several people”.


Yes, you make a hell a lot of noise for a person who “doesn’t care”.

Now now, let’s be respectful here Freddy. Remember this whole topic is about a member of the MSC not being respectful or using appropriate language. Please don’t go trying to pick a fight.

It really doesn’t matter how many people he called a, “disgusting sack of rat shit”. The point is that this is inappropriate behavior for any member - especially the MSC.


This topic is about you defending a normal internet troll.

Enough with the insults and name calling. You are crossing the line of conduct. This is seriously unprofessional on your part.

I respectfully disagree that he is a Troll. What I see is a member who believes in the Mirror protocol, and has put his money where his mouth is to “try” to make it better. This is supposed to be a DAO, and he is a member who is contributing to “try” to make it better. So what if his proposal was worded incorrectly. His intentions were good, and he has made several really legitimate points. He has been met with open hostility from the MSC. In fact, the MSC could have made accommodations to help word the proposal correctly for the benefit of the community. But your response was Hostile and completely inappropriate, and judging by the number of people who were liquidated today, NOT in the best interest of the community.

I will concede that he has also slung mud at the MSC, and has not acted respectfully towards the MSC. But that does not make is ok for 0xCoolGuy (or you) to respond to him with such hate.

“Any derogatory language towards any user is prohibited.” I don’t care if you like him or not. You are a member of the MSC, and it’s not OK for you to insult people or treat them disrespectfully. If you can’t behave civilly, then I think you should step down from the MSC.


A troll with money is still a troll. So is a troll with strong beliefs and so on.

I bet that most drivers who run over pedestrians also did not do that on purpose and had good intentions of just returning home safely. Does it change anything?

Sure they could. And probably they would if the person you’re defending first wrote a post on the forum outlining what he wants to do instead of starting the poll IMMEDIATELY. But he did not. He just spammed the poll right away after the post on the forum, without ANY debate, ANY considerations, ANY questions, NOTHING. And it was exactly the same with the second poll - just spam it right away, with no thinking at all.

There is no hate. I’ve been around forums long enough to notice a troll right away. And in here we have a pure-breed species. Such people are toxic, playing a victim while constantly fueling the argument.

If you’re talking about me, I’m not. I’m also not a MIR holder, did not start any polls and did not cast any votes. I’m just a small user.

Only if we drive over you, and dont exceed “One person”. Like what I did there?? =). Now I am trolling. Go look at the first response before any of this was initiated and the level of snobbery/hostility says everything. Then again if you dont care, dont. I can sling mud all day doesn’t bother me yall are too easy.

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gee imagine if nachodon ever did this? but hey i don’t hang out with gay men on the reg so i must have nothing to do with mirror. :joy:

Finally trolls are back in town meanwhile heists are under progress.
What a glorify distractions , allow you to troll everyone untill they move to the next
troll farm** or troll factory is an institutionalised group of that seeks to interfere in political opinions and decision-making.

One study showed that 30 governments worldwide (out of 65 covered by the study) paid keyboard armies to spread propaganda and attack critics
Same apply in finance crypto , where the discord , reddit or twitter to shitpost with the mods and core dev mir team , drunk with TFL and msc ? MeanWhile heist is progress ha ha ha

“Just please stop with your attacks on people, it helps nobody. Help build, civilly, instead.”

I totally agree. An reason, which is not a good one, everywhere I post by i.e. discord two days ago he goes full aggro. I decided to be better and block the child and move on. the other portion of MSC that I have discussions @josephsavage with have but nothing but pleasurable

I would like to see this put to a VOTE.

“0xCoolGuy” is giving the MSC a bad rap, and he needs to go. He was one of the reasons that “ImprovingMirror” just sold 400K MIR, and left the protocol.

Would anyone be willing to put up the 1000 MIR to create the vote?


Please stop lying.

And feel free to post a poll.

Being told to go fuck myself helped in the departure of the project for me.