[Proposal] Listing viral high trading volume mAssets

As a non 100% Etherum native protocol, I think the objective would be to gather as much interest from the Ethereum people.

So far, Mirror has been the first mover in terms of listing synthetic US equities. However, growth in awareness has been a little slow.

Since we’re competing with super successful protocols like Synthetix that already has a lot of mindshare - we need to do something meme-worthy to gain wider market attention.

I’ve used Mirror on Terra and I think it’s a fantastic product with a lot more room to grow.

With the virality of short squeeze happening in the US stock exchange - I propose to whitelist the following assets onto Mirror ASAP.

  • $GME - GameStop
  • $AMC - AMC Entertainment

Crypto Twitter would go absolutely crazy and I’m sure there are tons of people who would be excited to get in on the action (long or short). Let’s onboard them onto Mirror ASAP.

I’ve jumped the gun and submitted the whitelist proposals already on the DAO.
Would be helpful to hear what your decisions are as a community.

  • mGME (Proposal link - Mirror)
  • mAMC (Proposal link - Mirror)

Please vote!


I agree with this proposal, it makes a lot of sense. Recent days has seen a lot of tweets regarding Luna from an investment perspective. It would be good to ride on this wave to expose a lot more people to the Mirror ecosystem and ride on the hype via social outlets like reddit/twitter.


Yeah. I used Mirror once and I fell in love with the experience. Especially on Terra.

Beats Uniswap or Synthetix by a f***ing mile.

We just need to make Mirror known to more people!


i like the idea and it would be a good PR push, however, you should consider that whitelisting a mAsset would take 7 days (voting period) after which another 7 days to whitelist the mAsset parameters are needed (once the oracle contract is developed).

So really you need to ask yourself - will the hype of these 2 WSB stocks be real in 14 days , and are these assets that people really want to trade once the hype dies down ?

NB - there also a lot (20+) of mAssets that have previously been voted for as people get excited about Mirror, and the community has decided to go through a staged approach when releasing these in order to minimize the impact on the overall liquidity and let the APRs normalize faster across pools. So there is likely an added delay for GME/AMC to go live on Mirror if approved by the community


Agreed - as a marketer - I think just the announcement of the sole act of whitelisting the mAssets stated would already drive a ton of awareness to the protocol.

Hoping my proposals at least achieve quorum. Please do vote (even if it’s going to be a no)!

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I also believe the point here is less to make a useful new asset listed on Mirror than to make a big PR push for the whole Mirror protocol ! Worst case scenario : another asset gets listed and is merely used… Not such a big deal, and it can also be delisted afterward through governance is not traded at all. Moreover, I think a lot of shorts will be coming to those Stonks which can bring Minters a good opportunity to make money…


Absolutely - exactly my thoughts. Thanks for your input.

I would agree with Seb. I think that given the backlog listing asset for hype only purpose is a bad decision.