[Proposal] mBNB

Given how popular Binance Smart Chain is and how it’s not exactly easy / affordable to get your hands on it if you live in the USA, why not add mBNB? I would predict it would have equal (if not more) demand than mETH and mBTC.


I think this is a great idea. I see demand only increasing for BNB into the future as they provide multiple ways to use their token, and this doesn’t include how popular they are as an exchange. I believe added mBNB and having a yield farming pool for mBNB would be popular. Only way to find out is to try it out for a couple months and getting stats on the demand for it.

In Conclusion:
I believe we should add mBNB to check the popularity and demand we may get from adding it to the gold standard of DEFI which we all like to call Mirror Protocol. As a community we need to take pride in putting the best possible pools for everyone and take pride in providing the coins that have a good future beyond stocks.

mBNB-UST is a great idea.


My interest in mAssets is to avoid the 30% fee placed by the US Government protocol on capital gains. BNB can already be held on decentralized exchanges as far as I know, which covers the job in removing that 30% capital gain governance fee.

Would be curious to hear from others as to why mCrypto is useful though. Personally I won’t be interacting with mCrypto (open to people that want to try and change my mind though)