[Proposal] Mirror Analytics Dashboard by Smart Stake

Mirror ecosystem is growing rapidly and the community is lacking a dashboard that provides the ability to drill down the historical aspects of all metrics. An analytics dashboard is needed that provides easy to use tools to help understand:

  • how the protocol is being used by mirror participants
  • how it is growing in various ways
  • how each part/feature of the protocol is contributing to the overall network growth

Proposal is available at https://terra.mirror.finance/gov/poll/62

Who is Smart Stake?
Smart Stake provides transparent, professional, & feature rich staking validation service in multiple chains. It is operated by Big B, an IT professional with 20+ years of development experience. I, Big B, have have built a supply change dashboard as a community member (available at terra.smartstake.io) & have also built analytical tools covering all aspects of networks in multiple chains. As an active member of the community, I am very well aware of the analytical tools that matter to the community & looking forward to build tools that will help the community.

Mirror Analytics Dashboard Requirements

Develop an analytics dashboard providing visibility into Mirror’s usage metrics. The dashboard will allow assessing data at different timeframes and provide visual and tabular representations.

Here is a listing of assets, channels, & metrics for the initial version:

  • Assets Supported – analytical features will be supported for the use of the following assets in relation to Mirror protocol
    • MIR
    • UST
    • mAssets
    • LP
  • Systems/channels supported – analytical features will be supported for the below systems or channels. The metrics supported for individual channels depend on the features offered on each channel:
    • terra.mirror.finance
    • eth.mirror.finance
    • Binance Smart Chain
  • Metrics supported – metrics will be supported with hourly, daily, & weekly visualizations/charts and/or summary data as appropriate. Metrics will be supported at asset level, channel level, and overall levels (where appropriate). Here is a listing of metrics (not all will be covered for all assets/channels):
    • Current transaction volume & history
    • Circulating supply, supply history, and expected supply growth
    • Total Value Locked (TVL) in USD & TVL growth
    • Total collateral in mAssets
    • Transaction Fee
    • Current price & price history
    • Current market cap & mcap history
    • Deposit & Withdrawals - Amount flowing in & out of an asset
    • Active address count - including growth of active addresses. Also includes active addresses in all assets
    • Staking APR history for all assets/LP including $MIR staking APR via governance
    • Community pool history
    • Tx fee domination - breakdown providing view into which asset contributes how much to the total tx fee
  • Channel level comparison of liquidity, volume, & Fee
  • Asset level comparison of liquidity, volume, & Fee
  • Block level price tracking for mAssets
  • Select APIs will be made available for community use (with rate limiting in place)

User interface

Here are some details on the UI aspects of the dashboard:

  • Responsive website that will work equally well from all kind of devices and screen sizes
  • Styles/themes will be arrived at as part of the project implementation.
  • There will be summary stats categorized into different aspects representing the latest data and/or overall data as appropriate
  • All the historical stats will have a visual representation
  • Depending upon the context of an assessment:
    • Some of the statistics will have a chart level filter to select a particular channel
    • Some of the filters will be at dashboard level allowing a user to view everything in the context of a particular
    • There will be screen level or chart level features allowing user to switch the scale to hourly (last 24 hours or 7 days), daily (last 30 days, 1 year, All time)
    • User will be able to navigate timeframes where appropriate
  • Data will synced up 24x7 with on-chain data in the background and will have up to 10 minutes delay
  • Example charts are shown below indicating the layout and some of the basic features.


  • The dashboard will be ready in 9 weeks.
  • Incremental delivery of features with at least one subset of features being delivered every 2 weeks.

What’s included

  • Hosting infrastructure cost - auto scaling, serverless, cloud based infrastructure
  • Stabilization & maintenance support
  • Ongoing operational cost after the initial period - will be covered via our validator’s profit i.e. not looking for another grant at a later time just for ongoing operational costs. The only exception being: too much load persistent load on dashboard and/or Community APIs

Grant Request

Smart Stake is seeking a grant from community pool to fund the analytics dashboard’s development & implementation. Here is a breakdown of the cost aspects of the grant.

Type of work Effort (hours) Amount
Detailed Functional & Technical Analysis 40 hours 4000 UST
Development Cycle/Sprint 1 80 hours 8000 UST
Development Cycle/Sprint 2 80 hours 8000 UST
Development Cycle/Sprint 3 80 hours 8000 UST
Development Cycle/Sprint 4 80 hours 8000 UST
Final Implementation & Stabilization 80 hours 8000 UST
Total 440 hours 44000 UST

Previous Work Experience

Here is an information on some of the work that Smart Stake has done before:

Besides above, Smart Stake has also created community tools for Terra, Matic, & Crypto.com testnet.

Contact & Other Information

Smart Stake can be reached out using the below means:
Telegram: SmartStake or bigb4ever or any of the Mirror/Terra Telegram groups
Discord User: BigB-SmartStake#5671
Twitter: SmartStake
Website: SmartStake.io


Looking forward to your feedback on what you think of this grant request.


prices in UST …
to be honest i think this is not enough as a project cause should be already in the official site. Why not checking the official site, and arrange there an improvement of the UI (obviously compensated)? All open sourced.

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Thx for your feedback. Few questions/thoughts you shared:

  • Price in UST - Since the proposal will require MIR, I thought it will be easier to keep it in the same unit. Will do the change, given the volatility
  • Open source - the new dashboard will be open source as well
  • Do it in the official site directly -
    • Doing it right within the site is not good for maintainability for several reasons.
    • The larger the application, the more effort it takes to maintain it. The analytics dashboard proposed here will have significant set of features and it would work well to do it as an independent application.
    • Mirror being decentralized, it will require more proposals to modify it. Keeping the “accountability” with different teams allows for ease in maintenance (albeit at the cost of disjointed experience). Will try to provide similar UX to address that
    • Once the analytics dashboard stabilizes, it can always be included as a link within the main website for convenience
    • Had a few discussions with @dokwon on this prior to submitting and doing it inside the Mirror website never came up as it is not a common design pattern anymore. Having said that, I will keep your feedback in mind, and try and provide a user experience that is similar in nature and later on can be linked in for a seamless experience

Updates: Made some changes to the original post to reflect:

  • change in scope
  • added details of similar work done before

I will support both your and the other project proposed for analytical tools and dashboards. They will add value and knowledge. Again: open sourcing and documenting well is for me an extremely important step.
I cannot see mentioned two functionalities which I would consider very useful (can be added in phase 2):

  • LP historical price by pool
  • historical spread oracle price - masset price (i think can be done querying the node: i dont know exactly for the oracle): at least in terra. in eth would be also nice (so we can understand premium for gas and other risks priced in by the users, or just anomalies). Idk if in the ethereum side we can somehow use the graph features (uniswap has already some endpoint there): it could be an idea to give a look before parsing the ethereum events as the graph indexes them in a much usable way.

Last point: who are the team members? Can you give a link (linkedin, telegram)?

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thx for your feedback. Will keep the above items in mind when assessing the features in details & will try to incorporate them. The contact information is mentioned above including telegram support group.

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I would like to support this proposal

I think @smartstake BigB has been an excellent asset to the community and I trust him to develop this platform while keeping all of us engaged while adapting quickly to any critical need

Few key things I like:

  • There is a dashboard and a telegram bot to feed the metrics right within or conversations on Telegram
  • There is a set of API available for whoever needs to query into this data set , and the platform will be open sourced
  • Big B will stick around once this is delivered

Observations :

  • I agree with the input from @blackbird

  • I would add something that allows me to see if the Oracle feed is on or off (and see if a timer or status of the market opening can be called via a command on the telegram bot)

  • I would like to see the trading price of the mAssets in key exchanges where they trade (today Uni or Terraswap , tomorrow Binance etc) to arbitrage cross chain

  • I would like to know how much liquidity is needed in order to close the oracle/terraswap price spread for a given pair (this would allow me to size/hedge my arbitrage trade via mint)

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Hi Seb,

Thanks for your feedback & support. You have pretty good idea about the things that would be a value add. Here are some comments on things that stood out:

  1. Telegram bot - makes total sense. I have already built Telegram bots for other chains. There are lots of things that can be added to a TG bot including alerts. Building the metrics in TG bot would not be huge effort but given the multiple different moving parts, it will need to be thought through & it will require fair degree of work. The effort will be much less relatively as the data feeding dashboard can be used. Would you be ok with it being a part of a subsequent phase?

  2. Oracle feed status - will do some digging to see how it can be done. will add it to scope of work and built it as long as i find an API that can be used

  3. Oracle feed status TG alert - same as #1. will add to scope for #1’s work in a subsequent phase

4 - mAsset trading price in exchanges - this seems like a cool feature. given the growing number of mAssets and the usage scenario involved, it will likely require a monthly paid subscription for Smart Stake from some of the website. Will include this in the current scope of work. Will add its ongoing operational cost in the subsequent phase (to payoff for the subscription).

5 - Liquidity for closing the price/spread - I have no idea at this time about how to figure that out. If this sort of thing is possible via the Mirror website or backend API’s, I will include it.

Thanks for your feedback

Proposal is available at https://terra.mirror.finance/gov/poll/62. If you like the proposal, please vote “Yes” for it.

I support this proposal and will vote in favour.