[Proposal] Mirror FOREX with mAssets for different TerraStable Coins, including MoonPay On-Ramp

My idea is simple. I want to hang a proposal where we get to create mAssets from stablecoins made within the Terra.Money ecosystem, therefor creating a Foreign Exchange (FOREX) market, with On-Ramp buy possibility both from Terra Station and/or Mirror Wallet through MOONPAY. As with previous mAssets, we can provide liquidity through our MIR and UST, increasing both the demand for UST, the possible yields for us as Liquidity Providers and providing an opening to the world’s most liquid market (Forex) through Mirrored Assets in MIRROR. Given that Terra. Money is soon adding more and more stable coin proposals in governance, we could actually make this very interesting and huge. This could also help all Terra.Money participants and will also help to move the stable coins received as airdrops from #chai integrations, therefor increasing the demand for UST. Not to mention, we could provide further stability to already present and upcoming stable coins by providing liquidity and getting rewarded, perhaps staking our LP token to receive more MIR/UST.

Mirror V2 is coming and I think this is the next natural step to benefit ALL of the Terra.Money Ecosystem and especially so to dinamize the MIRROR market. ANCHOR protocol integration within Mirror V2 will be massive, as per described and hinted at 26th March on Korea Defi roadshow online with [$aUST] or [$mAsset].

Hopefully Do and the Terra crew reads these threads.