[Proposal] Mirror Marketing website


Trade on Mirror

An outward facing platform and central hub to introduce Mirror to the masses.


  • Create a one stop shop for all things Mirror that is geared towards non crypto folk, with its messaging targeting the Robinhood / Cash app crowds.
  • Expand Mirrors market and promote the platform.
  • Allow people to represent Mirror and Terra outside of the Telegram rooms and Crypto Twitter.


  • General info about Mirror
  • FAQ
  • Guides/Video Guides on how to use Mirror, and avenues of getting in to the Terra ecosystem.
  • News & Updates
  • Web Store for Mirror & Terra related merchandise.

I’m requesting community funding for :

  • SSL Certificates + Webhosting + Domains + Payment Processor costs for 2 years
  • Development costs of the website
  • Capital to offset merchandise production costs (no profits made from sales)
  • Budget to making marketing materials (sharable gifs/images) and promotional videos
  • Maintenance for 6 months


15000 MIR (quoted at $2.5 per MIR)


  • MVP of site with web-shop and limited merchandise end of February (but probably sooner)
  • Completed website end of March
  • Additional video guides end of April
  • Marketing material sprinkled throughout (related to news and updates on the platform)

Little background on me:

I’m Maarten (you might have seen me in the Telegram Groups), a Multimedia Designer from the Netherlands. I’ve been a freelance designer for the last couple of years and have experience in branding and storytelling (mainly through film). I’ve also been building websites for quite some years now. Last year has not been that great due to covid, and has left me with a lot of “free” time to devote to Mirror. Which I would be doing if this proposal were to pass.

I’m looking forward to seeing your responses!


Seems very broad and is lacking substance but would love to see your website (design/dev portfolio) for starters.

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would like to see example of the work done by OP.


First thing I like of this post is the approach:
you didn’t ask for money, submitted the proposal and force the discussion. This is the way to go.

In my opinion the idea of a kind of portal related to mirror handled by the community would be very good. Not only marketing but also an educational section. For example sharing scripts, posts (good ones, not just three lines to catch tips) in sites, development setup and experience (e.g. usage of mirrorcli on a self run full node).
I would like to see integrated an educational section. Eventually there will be maintainers and a wallet for donations and a sponsorship program from the mirror community.