[Proposal] Mirror mAsset Stats - Telegram chart bot

Mirror mAsset Stats - Telegram: Contact @mirror_statbot

As many of you might have noticed the v2 of my Telegram bot for mirror.finance & mAsset statistics is already live and added to the main mirror group.


Mirror mAsset Stats was created to provide easy access to mAsset trading statistics (swap-price, oracle-price, premium, liquidity, apr…) for every user on Telegram. It can be used in DM (private chat) as well as in groups with limited functionality to prevent spam.

Live Functions

  • show current mAsset prices: swap-price, oracle-price, premium in UST, premium in %

  • show current mAsset swap statistics: liquidity, 24h-volume, APR, APY

  • print charts for mAssets: 1d & 7d timeframe (swap-price, oracle-price, premium in %)

  • show mirror.finance overview statistics: MIR circ. supply, MIR total supply, gov. APR, mAsset cap, total value locked, c-ratio, last4h-users, last24h-transactions, last24h-volume total, last24h-volume MIR, last24h-total fees payed


  • Live

Development Grant

For the production (1 developer), ongoing support, running cost and development of further functionalities I ask for a total of 1500 MIR development grant, broken down into 40h development cost and the maintenance cost for 12 months


A easy-to-use, [edit: open-source] telegram bot for mAsset market statistics


Bot is live Telegram: Contact @mirror_statbot and was already added to the main mirror group


Proposal #71 to ensure continuous support, maintenance cost and further development of Mirror mAsset Stats Telegram Bot is live via https://terra.mirror.finance/gov/poll/71


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact @clemens / Telegram: @clemensg


Could this be made open source please?


I think the bot should be open-sourced to receive community funds.


thanks for the feedback, of course it will be made open source. Github repo will be created soon, post will be updated accordingly


I sugges to open source whatever you have already.

Hi @blackbird even tho the proposal has not met quorum yet, i am in the process of streamlining the code and open sourcing it, should be available on github within a day [edit: or two :wink: ]. post will be updated. Thanks for the support guys :slight_smile:


Even if it doesnt reach you can ask for donations. I have voted it. Open sourcing and cohoperating on it can be extremely nice. I.E. same eth stat as in terra
Looking forward for the code and to see an active community


yes sure that’s absolutely true about open source. thank you for your vote! in ~1 week i’ll have v2.1 ready with liquidity-, volume- and apy-charts for the the terra side. eth & bsc support is next for v3 (soon to come after) :slight_smile:

Thanks Clemens for the good work! I’m sure the community appreciates it very much :slight_smile:


At first look the bot looks dope. I will play around with it over the coming days and shoot you more feedback if I can think of some. You got my vote :slight_smile:

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it seems i’m not able to edit the OP more than 5 times - so here’s an update:

Telegram: Contact @mirror_statbot can now do LP (APR) charts aswell, more charts to be added over the next few days (total users / tvl / liquidity).

i am thankful for any suggestions and feedback.

the script received over 18,000 single calls in the past 4 days! thank you all for the support :slight_smile:


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code is now public on github :raised_hands: happy to collaborate!

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a big THANK YOU to everybody who voted on proposal #71, it passed with over 21% :raised_hands: :slight_smile:


development and maintenane cost is secured, some nice updates (TVL, GOV + more charts) coming soon!