[Proposal] Mirror Technical Analysis Tools & Widgets by BLOX Central

1. Introduction

Regency Software is building ( BLOXCentral.com ) for Cryptocurrency discovery, analysis and community engagement. As a holder of both LUNA and Mirror we know the value of the Terra Ecosystem and the positive impact it will have inside and outside the Cryptocurrency space. This funding request is to enhance existing features and buildout new features that will support the Mirror Platform, add exposure, and support the community. We are leveraging our background in Web and Trading Software development (Stocks, Options and Trading Systems), Cryptocurrency experience (Blockchain,Masternodes,Trading, and Staking) to build professional quality mAsset analytical tools that will help drive adoption of the Mirror platform and support the community.

1.1 About Regency Software

Regency Software provides Software Architecture and Development services for many sectors including Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Finance, Insurance, and Retail. We have built complex systems for private and public companies as well as software for our own company. Listed below are some examples of the applications Regency Software built and actively owns.

  • BLOX Central: (www.bloxcentral.com): Cryptocurrency discovery and analysis tools. The first feature we rolled out is a “Heatmap” that displays Cryptocurrency market sentiment and acts as a discovery tool. The next set of features we rolled out are for the Mirror Platform (Seasonal charts and mAsset List).

    • We rolled out Mirror features in advance of this proposal to demonstrate our work and commitment.
  • MTR Investors Group (MTR) (www.mtrig.com): Provides a powerful stock option scanning engine for covered calls, cash secured puts, credit spreads and iron condors. In addition, MTR provides unique tools for stock analysis including Stock Market Scout (timing model) and a Seasonal Stock analytics tool which provide trade candidate entry and exit dates.

  • Crypto Market Spy (nodes.cryptomarketspy.com): Masternode monitoring service created to support the PYRK Coin community. This service integrates with the PYRK blockchain to monitor masternode payments and provide email alerts on masternode activity and payments.

Community Feedback - BLOX Central mAsset Feature:

Proposal is live at this link: https://terra.mirror.finance/gov/poll/75

2. Proposal Summary: The work detailed in this proposal will provide features that investors and traders can leverage to analyze mAssets in the form of charting, data export, unique seasonal analytical charts, tools, and widgets.

2.1. Proposal Item #1: Expand existing features on BLOXCentral.com for the Mirror Platform

(refer to screen shots and mockups in section 3)

  • Seasonal Charts updates: https://www.bloxcentral.com/mirror/seasonal/AAPL
    • Dynamically add new mAssets
    • Buildout Crypto historical data (Mirror, LUNA, Anchor) and top 5 market cap (i.e, BTC, ETH)
    • Update the UI for mobile friendliness
    • Provide links back to Mirror for the select mAsset
  • mAsset List updates: https://www.bloxcentral.com/mirror/seasonal/AAPL
    • Searching, filtering, sorting and export (Stocks, Commodities and Crypto)
    • Display total coins/shares held and value
    • Create UI Widgets (see next section) for end users to provide on their own sites

2.2. Proposal Item #2: Create new features on BLOX Central for the Mirror Platform

(refer to screen shots and mockups in section 4)

  • Widgets: The following widgets allows a user to select a specific mAssets (i.e, AMC, MIR) and add that widget to their Blog or Website. This will provide more exposure to Mirror and back-links which will improve Mirror SEO.
    • mAsset Responsive / Mobile Widget
    • mAsset Banner Widget
    • Themes (light and dark)
    • Easy to addition to any blog or website
  • Advanced Charting for mAssets:
    • Technical Analysis charts with technical indicators (i.e, MACD, RSI)
    • Compare the performance between two mAssets (i.e, BTC vs. MIR)
  • Data Export:
    • Download historical data for mAssets in Excel format with charts included
  • Heatmap for mAssets: Build a new heatmap for mAssets filtered by stocks, commodities and crypto
  • Seasonal Chart - One Month View: Will display the average mAsset return for a specific month within a range of years.

3. Screen Shots and Mockups: Expand Existing Mirror Features

3.1 Updated Site Layout

  • All mAssets features will be handled by a second level navigation to make the mAssets features easily accessible.

3.2. Seasonal Charts to be extended (refer to section 2.1 for details)

3.3 mAssset List enhancements (per section 2.1)

4. Screen Shots and Mockups: New Mirror Features

4.1. mAsset: Box Widget examples (refer to section 2.2 for details)

4.2. mAsset: Banner Widget examples (refer to section 2.2 for details)

4.3 Advanced Charting: (refer to section 2.2 for details)

4.4 Data Export Feature: (refer to section 2.2 for details)

4.5. Heatmap for mAssets: (refer to section 2.2 for details)

  • Example of the live DeFi Heatmap

4.6. Seasonal Chart: One Month View (refer to section 2.2 for details)

  • Specific Month Seasonal Historical Returns
  • Expands upon the Yearly Seasonal chart as shown in 3.1

5. Proposal Summary: Regency Software is seeking a grant from the Mirror community to fund the development of features presented in this proposal.

Development Effort:

  • Technical Design & Navigation Update: 40 hours
  • REST APIs, data aggregation and back end processing: 120 hours
  • Extending Existing Features: (see section 2.1)
    • Seasonal Chart Features: 60 Hours
    • mAsset List Features: 90 hours
  • New Features (see section 2.2)
    • Widgets: 90 hours
    • Advanced Charting: 100 hours
    • Data Export: 40 hours
    • Heatmap for mAssets: 80 hours
    • Seasonal Chart (month view): 40 hours

Full Release Includes:

  • Design, development, testing, and QA
  • New releases will be announced on Twitter & Telegram announcements
  • Hosting, database and backups
  • Support and on-going maintenance for two years

Total Hours: 660

Grant Request: 22000 MIR

We are building out these features to support the Mirror community and platform. We welcome your feedback, questions and any suggestions you may have.

Contact Information:

Contact Patrick Rygiel at patrick@regencysoftware.com or on LinkedIn.

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Sorry 22,000 MIR for this? You must be joking!? Also we have 3 dashboards in development atm… that’s enough. I’d appreciate it if you remove this proposal in it’s entirety. This way we can all be on good terms for possible future development ideas. How’s that sound?


agreed, too greedy - reject!


Not only is this costly, I would ask if there were any value in TA tools for mirror? Let us ignore if TA itself has any value, but given that mirror massets tracks actual equities, could you not just perform TA on the equities themselves? Mirror’s price tracking mechanism rely on independent minters and the premiums on each masset. This is fundamentally different from indicators TA uses. How would TA be useful in analyzing massets in the first place?

There is also a discussion on telegram on how unreasonable the costs are. Also voting no myself.


Hi Team,

I would like to address the questions that came up in this thread.

1. Technical Analysis: TA is only one feature on this proposal and falls under 4.3. Other TA tools could be used if a person chose to do so.

Grouping of Features:
• Fundamental Analysis (Seasonal Charts)
• Discovery Tools (Heatmap, mAssets List, mAssets Seasonal Charts)
• Productivity / Ease of use (mAssets List)
• Community Features (Widgets that can be added to blogs and websites)
• TA and Analysis (Export Feature and TA Charts)

2. Cost: The proposed costs are in line with other proposals on an hourly rate. Other proposals cost more, some less. I see the issue of cost is a topic in other proposals and people voicing to reject those proposals as well based on cost. The cost reflects the software development skillset and time required to buildout the features in proposal.

Thanks all for your consideration !

Sorry, but I think it costs too much… I also think that proposals for this, as well as future projects, should be in UST not in Mir, since Mir price changes, and even within a 7 days period, the cost of a project may vary quite a lot. I have voted NO, but thank you for the proposal.


the hourly rate you ask is around ~$166 at the time of asking, it’s 3-4 times more than current average hourly wage for a senior software engineer in the US and 4-5 times more than the same in EU.
also amount of hours is overestimated based on existing free libraries for web and the code you already have.
a lot of people in here are technical people that build software for living, so it is kinda hard to take advantage of us like that.
i understand that you want to use the current crypto bull market and make easy money, but I don’t think mirror community will allow you to do so here.
you got some nice ideas, and good on you for trying to build something constructive, but i am certainly voting no.
your initial greed does not allow me to trust you anymore.



First, you cannot compare the salary of a developer that receives 401k, matching, health, PTO and other benefits. When those are added up it is far beyond the base salary. Second, I have worked contractors (developers and architects) that earn from $65 to $500 an hour depending upon the project and what they bring to the table. Third, this proposal is line with rates (some lower and some higher) with other proposals.

This proposal system Mirror uses is part of a governance system and community forum. Where we can discuss ideas, pros / cons, and provide feedback. You have taken what should be a professional discussion into slander and personal attacks. If you have no constructive questions or comments, then just vote “no” vs. attacking the integrity of a person you do not know.

I stand by my estimates and rate as being reasonable and fair.


I agree with your comment on estimates being in UST. The Mirror governance system requires MIR and this make it tough to price things out when prices fluctuates. This has been discussed on other proposals these challenges with quoting work in MIR.

I appreciate your professional way of discussing these items and you taking the time to vote, even though your vote is no.

Thank you


GOOD!!!TO SEE THIS TOPIC HELP ME A LOT thank you very much