[Proposal] Mirrored SpaceX Stock On Mirror V2

I recommend that Mirror v2 launches alongside a new asset - SpaceX

SpaceX is the HOTTEST asset in the world right now. Outline - Read & annotate without distractions
• Rumors are its latest round was 10x oversubscribed within a month and AFTER it already doubled its offering size
• Companies that sell second-hand shares (i.e. Microventures) were taking 25%+ commission selling SpaceX shares because of the huge demand
• Individual angel investors have gotten together to create SpaceX angel entities and directly lobbying with Elon to allow investment. I believe this one angel group alone totals more than $50 million - About — First Principles Group
• Bill Ackman’s SPAC has a legion of fans are delusionally praying that Starlink (SpaceX’s spin-out) is Starlink - https://www.reddit.com/r/PSTH/comments/m2xmio/i_went_from_starlink_doubter_to_starlink_believer/
Currently, only US residents are allowed to own SpaceX shares due to national security restrictions.

WHY is SpaceX so hot?
• They’re the only company in the world that can partially re-use rockets. Not only that, but they’ve had a rocket re-fly as many as 10 times before. Falcon Heavy first landing - YouTube
• In 2021 they’ve launched 2/3 of the total payload into space due to how cheap their prices are
• They’re working on two TRANSFORMATIVE initiatives, Starlink and Starship

Why is Starlink going to change the world?
• Starlink is a series of 40,000 satellites around the world that will provide high speed, affordable internet (we’re talking < 20ms latency, >300mbps download, >30mbps upload) at $99/month
• Due to the architecture of Starlink (see current satellites in space here - https://satellitemap.space/), once it goes “online” it basically provides internet to the entire world simultaneously. This will shake the world very fast
• Starlink works on boats, planes, your RV when you’re traveling. It works for high speed frequency traders on Wall Street trying to get an edge in information and for space data centers
• The 50% of the world that does not have access to the internet today will have it by mid next-year, which will revolutionize all technology adoption (HUGE opportunity for crypto adoption for the “unbanked”)
• Starlink was SO successful in its test with the US Airforce that they are revamping their aircraft equipment now to match capabilities that Starlink offers - Air Force’s Air Mobility Command successfully tests new tactical data link
• Even with only 1400-ish satellites online right now, Starlink is producing amazing results to beta testers in over 9 countries today - https://www.reddit.com/r/Starlink/comments/mpyybi/starlink_speed_in_canberra_australia/

Why is Starship going to change the world?
• Starship is the first, fully re-usable rocket architecture. Cheap to build, cheap to launch, capable of bringing large amounts of mass to space.
• As an analogy, in today’s world, you basically have to build a car everytime you want to drive from California → New York.
• Starship is even CHEAP TO BUILD. Cheaper than a 747, in fact its goal price is $5 million construction cost
• When Starship works, it can provide so much payload into space, for comparison, a single Starship has more cubic space inside of it than the ENTIRE international space station!!!
• Normally the larger the mass, the more expensive the trip. HOWEVER, when Starship works, the cost of bringing payload to space will be cheaper than even the smallest of rockets today
• Starship will turn rockets into airlines, capable of taking you from San Francisco to Shanghai in under an hour - Starship | Earth to Earth - YouTube (according to SpaceX COO Gwen Shotwell it will cost less than a first class plane ticket)
• Starship also largely accelerates Starlink deployment (instead of 60 satellites to space, they can bring 200 every trip and for 1/5th the total cost)
• Starship’s first orbital launch is late summer/early fall

SpaceX is going to create an entirely new sector of the economy. It’s going to empower the whole world with affordable internet. It’s going to be a top 3 company in the world.

The ability to get access to SpaceX shares and have its prices “mirrored” every time it has a new valuation round would drive SO. MUCH. TRAFFIC. to mirror. It would be insane.
This could single-handedly make UST the top stablecoin. It could vault Luna to top 10. Every Tesla shareholder (even those in the US) would buy SpaceX.


I think this would be a great idea! Aside from the publicity Mirror would receive from listing SpaceX alone, it would make a great companion to mTSLA, which is constantly one of the tokens with the highest volume on the Mirror protocol.

Thank you :slight_smile: for the growth of Mirror, we need to appeal to people outside of our bubble / crypto community. There’s a very, very large untapped market of people who would bring CRAZY demand for SpaceX who otherwise DO NOT CARE about crypto. This is such a gateway offering. Hopefully people recognize that.

Agreed. Also, it would be a great way to attract US based investors who already have easy access to US listed securities and therefore would deem synthetic tokens as unnecessary. If we are able to mint assets that are not available to the US demographics, it would attract an untapped market by offering alternative investment options that would not be offered by US brokerages.

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You need an oracle real time asset price…the entire premise of mirror is that it has exposure to real asset prices for KYC-less price speculation.