[Proposal] MirrorMarket - The Trading-Centric Analytics Portal

After our recent successful development and delivery of the Mirror Wallet mobile app in support of the Terra network and the Mirror Protocol ecosystem launch, we, ATQ Capital, are excited to announce the latest project in progress as the next milestone in our journey of continuing contribution to the Mirror community.

MirrorMarket - Real-time analytics portal with trading-centric dashboards, provides tracking and data insights for the Mirror ecosystem, giving users a consolidated view and performance indicators on the overall market, mAssets, liquidity pools and top-trading pairs, etc.

Overview Insights include:

  • Tracking of MIR pricing, Liquidity pool size and market Volume
  • mAssets - top gainers, losers and most active
  • Top staking-pool pairs with volumes, fees, liquidity pool size, and LP Yield Return
  • Overall Mirror metrics…mAsset market cap, TVL, collateral ratio, community pool balance etc.

Market Listing includes:

  • Complete list of mAssets
  • View mode: Top Gainers, Top Losers, Most Active, All
  • It will include mAsset Price, Change, Market Cap and 24hr Volume info.

mAsset Detail View
mAsset Detail

Dashboard View includes:

  • Portfolio performance / PnL
  • Yield Farming - which Liquidity Pool + Stake joined
  • Governance Stake
    Dashboard View

Our Reason and Benefits to the Mirror Community

Our team wanted to deliver the analytics portal as a way to help enrich and contribute to the Mirror ecosystem and its community. We wish to provide the end-user community with active dashboards, market performance overview and signals that are useful, convenient and give quick insights into the overall trading experience on Mirrored assets.

Project Scope

Deliver a complete portal that consists of key performance indicators, tracking of current and historical data on the Mirror market, including but not limited to the following areas:

  • MIR pricing
  • Liquidity & Yield Return
  • mAssets and their staking pools
  • Top pools/pairs

Development Timeline

The overall project is estimated to take about 6 weeks, based on the limited size of our team, with the milestones

  • Week 0 - Research and Requirement Identification (Completed)
  • Week 1 - Layout design (completed) and UI/UX (in progress)
  • Week 2 - API testing and validation (in progress)
  • Week 3-6 - Main Coding and Development, Infrastructure setup (web hosting and servers etc)
  • Week 7 - Testing and Launch

Progress…Where we are

As of the writing of this proposal (end of Jan 2021), our team has completed the layout and UI design for the portal, and has begun to map out APIs that would be necessary to enable the different metrics.


  • Live dashboard with metrics as outlined in our introduction above
  • Help & FAQ
  • Infrastructure to host the portal/site

Future Roadmap

We have some of our own ideas in mind but would love to hear from the community for input on considerations and the evolution of the analytics portal.

Below are areas that our team wishes to pursue beyond the initial core focus of the analytics portal. These are ‘future’ enhancements and capabilities being socialized within our team, which our commitment and delivery of such would depend on the availability of resources and additional fundings that could be secured.

  1. Extend the analytics portal to also support Ethereum Wallet (MetaMask)
  2. Trading on mAssets
  3. Swap
  4. On-ramp: USDT <-> UST

Development Grant Request

We would like to seek approval from the community for a development grant to assist with the costs and overheads incurred in delivering and supporting the proposed analytics portal.

The grant will largely go towards the development costs, compensating the hours required by two developers for the duration of the project. Part of the grant will also be used for supporting the on-going operation of the portal such as hosting the site, monitoring, debugging and maintenance.

Cost Estimates and Breakdown

Category Estimated Time (hrs) Costs
Research 40 1200 MIR
UI and Layout Prototyping 40 1200 MIR
API and Mirror network integration validation 80 2400 MIR
Main Coding and Development 160 4800 MIR
QA and Bugs fix 40 1200 MIR
Deploy web infrastructure for testing and hosting 20 600 MIR
Misc and Buffers 20 600 MIR
TOTAL 12,000 MIR

We’d like to propose the below option for grant distribution to ensure that the total grant amount would be appropriately distributed over a number of payments, as certain milestones are achieved. We feel that this approach would minimize the exposure to the Mirror Community while effectively serving as the framework for us to exercise our commitment and the delivery of the project.

Milestone Grant Release Amount
Initial approved proposal 10% of Total grant (1200 MIR)
Beta product demonstration 50% of Total grant (6000 MIR)
Official product launch 40% of Total grant (4800 MIR)

About ATQ Capital

ATQ Capital’s development team was behind the delivery of the Mirror Wallet mobile app. We are a close partner of TerraForm Labs with an established relationship and working history going on two years, leading back to projects that predated the most recent Mirror ecosystem launch. We are proud to be supporting TerraForm Labs and the Mirror ecosystem. Our partnership with the Terra team is fostered by the continuing collaboration in roadmap discussions, product development, and strategic alignment with weekly interactions. Many thanks to @dokwon and @sihyeok for the opportunity to work together in supporting the Mirror platform and the community.

We are active in various social media channels in Mirror Protocol and please feel free to drop us any questions there too. Thanks

Discord: Visit us at the Mirror Wallet channel at Mirror Protocol

Mirror Wallet Twitter: Mirror_Wallet

Yahoo Finance News:


Nice charts!!! That’s exactly what I’m looking for. Will definitely going to vote for this. Great job!


This is a greatly articulated proposal for a much needed feature
I would support without hesitation on the below conditions:

  • Convert the grant release amount to a UST value (community will take the MIR-UST exchange rate of the day to grant the funds according to the milestones), since your costs are fixed and MIR price is volatile.

  • Move a portion of the amount from the Beta milestone to a “post launch support” milestone (i.e. 1 or 2 months support) This would ensure there is an incentive to support the portal if any defect/issue is found after the launch

Great work otherwise - this should be a default template for any community spending proposal !

On the actual content of the dashboard - would it be possible to see the average CRatio per mAsset and track the Terra address collecting CDP fees to monitor MIR gov staking rewards a bit more closely ?


@Sebnondzee Appreciate the comments. They are very good suggestions. I will communicate with our team and work accordingly.


These are the information analytics I am looking for.
Can’t wait for these.
Kindly tell when would be launched?
Thank you


Wow. Nice. Strong team can be trusted to build a solid product. Strongly believe in Mirror Protocol. $MIR Rocks. Will vote for it.


Great!!! Can view the charts in my mobile!!!
Sure will vote for this!!!


Only can view on web apps previously
Finally can view it on mobile apps
Easy convenience for the person like me, used to do everything by mobile phone
Will vote for this


Can’t wait for this features in Mirror Wallet
Will vote for it
Aza aza fighting!!!


Thanks for your great suggestions.

CRatio per mAsset;
Yes, and an indicator whenever it is closer to a minimum collateral ratio.

Track the Terra address collecting CDP fees to monitor MIR gov staking rewards a bit more closely;
This is a good one. We can add columns to show total collected rewards to date on Gov staking and each LP too. Let me think a bit more about this, and I will keep you posted.


Look forward to the launching of an all-in-one dashboard


Thanks for all your support and comments. We will final touch the proposal and post it to Governance for voting by then. :grinning:

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I would like to see the oracle price and mirror price historical in the graphs to assess spread evolution.
More difficult: pass an account id and see the portfolio evolution and possibility of drilling down by asset. Example: u can see for the account when u bought a masset (price), when you added to lp and, unstaking, how many masset you would end up with (independently from gain).

Please price all in ust not in mir. If mir doubles the cost is unreasonable.
Code must be open source and the gitub project well documented (u can charge for this too). Without open sourcing i always vote no (good or bad idea is irrelevant) as i think open sourcing is necessary in the ecosystem. If well made the project can evolve a lot with partial contributions from the community.


You guys have delivered the Mirror Wallet application. What a phenomenal product.

No doubt. Will vote yes!


Cost Estimates and Breakdown (revised based on UST)

Category Estimated Time (hrs) Costs (UST)
Research 40 4,000
UI and Layout Prototyping 40 4,000
API and Mirror network integration validation 80 8,000
Main Coding and Development 160 16,000
QA and Bugs fix 40 4,000
Deploy web infrastructure for testing and hosting 20 2,000
Misc and Buffers 30 3,000
6-month Support post Production Launch of Portal 6,000
TOTAL 47,000 UST

Proposed Grant Distribution Schedule (revised to include Support for post-launch)

Milestone Grant Release Amount
Initial approved proposal 10% of Total grant
Beta product demonstration 50% of Total grant
Official product launch 35% of Total grant
3 months after Production launch (support cost) 5% of Total grant

Thanks for your feedback @Sebnondzee. It certainly makes sense.

We have revised the cost breakdown and the proposed schedule for the grant distribution to reflect your input.


Showing both oracle price and Mirror Price in historical charts - This is possible and is a good suggestion. We are tracking a list of potential features to be considered for future phases/roadmap.

‘Pass an account id…’ Yes, our goal is to also provide the capability for users to report metrics based on their wallet addresses. We are targeting this as a future roadmap item.

With regards to open-sourcing the development, we are currently busy working on the code cleanup and packaging of the Mirror Wallet mobile app to get it ready for open-source release very shortly. We believe in transparency and community-driven development thus we eventually wish to open-source subsequent development and contribution that we deliver, to the community.


Project is good and properly priced: it has to be open sourced (please prioritize it: eventually charge the documentation and setup). This could mean that few features can be added by others (who could get paid), but i dont think you would loose anything. There are few devs around able to do a proper PR… (which would be handled by project owners) and a fork would not make any sense in my opinion.
I think on the historical view with oracle and masset prices some additional feature can be added, but I would propose in a second time (obviously paid work to be estimated). The idea is, by account, to access the terra distributed ledger and get the entry/exit points: example the two prices when a masset was bought/sell and the real price paid (including slippage). This could help to estimate the real gains from arbitrages or even to set them up properly (if you share an API).
Probably the indexing of data is not ideal to deliver all the requirements: it could be discussed within the community how to proceed in that case: perhaps there is room for a general project to index data.


Thanks and Yes. We are open minded and always believe the DeFi ecosystem which grow organically with the community. Once we get our feet wet. We will definitely share more so the community can participate to provide ideas so to build a better useful site.
Our goal is to grow Mirror Protocol to the next level as our best of knowledge. And at the same time, we are actively looking for talented people to join us too.
We have no intention to build just as it is. But to continue build for more features and functions after this early phase round.

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I support this proposition. I can see the OP invested a lot of time and thinking about this. I believe this will bring value to MIR hodler. I will vote in favor.