[Proposal] MirrorView - Dashboard for Liquidity Providers

Introduction: MirrorView

Currently the Mirror ecosystem does not provide an easy way to display transactions and statistics attached to a certain wallet address. This information is both helpful and necessary for investors to have, in part because they require a list of transactions to determine taxable events.

Mirror View will be a website which displays this information in a simple and concise manner. Here’s an early draft of what we envision the website could look like — wireframing & design is still very much in progress and we welcome any input:

The first release of the website covered by this grant will display at least the following items:

  1. List of all transactions done by the address, filterable by date range (exportable as csv)
  2. List of all rewards/yields received by the address, filterable by date range (exportable as csv)
  3. Total value of all assets in the wallet
  4. Asset allocation split
  5. Detailed information about each liquidity pool the wallet is and was invested in
  6. Total Gain/Loss

How Mirror View Benefits the Ecosystem & Community

The purpose of Mirror View is to make the life of Mirror investors significantly easier, thus making the protocol more attractive and transparent to them. This will hopefully lead to

  • more investors joining the protocol.
  • allowing existing investors to invest higher amounts more easily.

The overall increase in trading volume and liquidity will in turn benefit existing investors, as well as the ecosystem and community at large.

Development Status

  1. Product Definition :white_check_mark:
  2. Development Stack & Tooling Decision :white_check_mark:
  3. Wireframing & Design :pick::pick:
  4. Development & Open Alpha :no_entry:
  5. Product Launch :no_entry:

block42 will provide an open alpha during the development and provide a feedback channel for the community.

After the product launch block42 will continue to maintain and extend the website as needed by the community. Future updates could see additional metrics or an area for governance staking. We are looking for community ideas and feedback.

Development Grant

Mirror View will be built by block42’s developer team, which has previously successfully delivered on several other blockchain projects, like a much-used Thorchain Telegram Bot and a Fantom Node Dashboard. You can find out more about the team on our website.

  1. Project Coordination & Community Management 15 hours / 330 MIR
    1. Internal Project Coordination
    2. Community Feedback Gathering & Handling
  2. Design & Development 170 hours / 3740 MIR
    1. Wireframing & Design 8h
    2. Server Backend & Frontend Setup 16h
    3. Integration of Mirror API, calculation and display of selected data items 115h
    4. CSV export 8h
    5. UI/UX testing and adaptations 23h
  3. Server & Website Maintenance 3 months after Product Launch / 100 MIR
    1. Website hosted on Digital Ocean
    2. Suitable domain name bought
    3. Debugging, Monitoring and Maintenance

Total: 4.170 MIR

Deliverable & Delivery Date

The team will deliver a public website with the features described above at the latest 6 weeks after grant approval. Development will happen transparently and the current version of the website will be available to the public during the whole development cycle.


If you have any questions about the product or the team, feel free to reach out via feedback@block42.tech or via Telegram (https://t.me/block42_crypto).

We also welcome any community feedback & ideas posted here on the Mirror forum.
David, block42


I’m looking forward to it. I’ll support you.


This project has my full support. Will this support all chains where MAssets can be traded?


Thank you. Yes, we’re planning to support both Ethereum and Terra.

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