[Proposal] mLumber

A random thought

We are Mirror and our mission as a protocol is to mirror everything.

I propose we create mLumber - https://www.investing.com/commodities/lumber

Extremely high meme value and it’s a commodity with actual use. It’s also pumping pretty hard lol.

The fed is running out of wood to produce paper for printing money.

Really just a brainfart so any feedback is appreciated!


I proposed exactly mLUMBER on telegram. I like it.

I was looking at these 1 year performances:

Lumber: +265%
WTI Crude: +210%
Gasoline: +182%
Brent Crude +163%
Heating Oil: +107%
Corn: +84%
Copper: +83%
Soybeans: +72%
Silver: +65%
Sugar: +59%
Cotton: +54%
Platinum: +52%
Natural Gas: +43%
Palladium: +32%
Wheat: +19%
Coffee: +13%
Gold: +3%

What data source?


I think this is a great addition to the ecosystem and I’d vote in favor of this!


anybody else?

I’ll put in an official proposal once we get 2-3 more feedback

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If Band Protocol has a reliable feed, I would vote for this proposal.

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Id vote for it. Food pricing is also interesting, id expect that to moon soon as well.

Thanks for the support guys. Submitted a governance proposal, please vote! Mirror

bumping this. please help the proposal reach quorum!

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Voted… I have seen Do Kwon on Twitter supporting this proposal …

I could propose this on @mirror_protocol but I want @Hardwood_ to do it

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It’s important for everyone to vote! Our good friend zDrago will lose his funds if the vote is rejected, he doesn’t deserve that!

thank you for thinking about my 100 MIR.

Please vote Mirror familia.

The proposal has passed!! Amazing

Hi, we didn’t register mLumber parameters.
Do we have an Oracle Feeder for this asset or is there any reason for delaying the registration of the parameters?


you need to have another vote to register parameters, hopefully the meme has died… also past performance is not indicative of future results. (i don’t know anything about the fundamentals of lumber, but since you mentioned its % gain as its main reason for listing)

I’m currently renovating an house in france, and seeing that conversation, let me think we’re so brainfucked from reality…

There’s shortage of lumber all around france (and europe i think) because of the price that went up. That’s in france, and i can’t even imagine the situation of others countries.

I was wondering why lumber price is getting higher and higher, but when i think about all the bushfire that we had in the last years (California, USA ; Queensland australia, Amazonia in Brazil), it made sense…

Now, i know that is just a tool we are creating, and that it can be evil or heaven. (i’m really enthousiast about Mirror). And therefore, it would be nice to be conscious about what we’re doing when we’re buying an asset like this.

I know it’s something that’s far far from us probably here: we’re more used to our keypad than a saw to work… But an asset, it’s not just a price :wink:

I don’t want to mirror governance accepting “Water” or “Air” as a Masset one day… just because because price soared up by 300% and that we’ve meme about people dying all around the web


Lumber futures are traded at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME).

California Water futures are traded at CME.

Perhaps air is the Carbon Credits trade.

I am trying to respect your concern about the ethics of having synthetic versions of what is presently traded elsewhere.

It’s not because lumber is listed on Nasdaq or whatever that its price is going through the roof. After all, crypto is also about free markets, or at least free-er. I would vote for.