[PROPOSAL] Protocol Consultation with DelphiDigital.io

Hi everyone!

I love Mirror (heavily invested in both LUNA and MIR since the beginning) and I would really love for this protocol to succeed. I’m thinking of putting in a governance proposal to hire Delphi on for consultation.

Some issues we’re facing:

  • mAssets are still significantly off-peg (it’s not a surprise - since mAssets are more productive than the real un-Mirrored assets)
  • Core product is built on Luna, and Ethereum maxis (a lot of capital) might not like it. Not a real problem for DeFi maxis though.

Thought process:

  • They have an extremely solid track record and is paramount to Synthetix.io and Aave’s success - especially in terms of token and incentive structure.
  • Bringing them on as a partner firm would help bring a team of crypto natives with a VERY strong track record to help create sustainable growth for Mirror.
  • Delphi’s newsletters reach the top minds and investment funds like Ark Invest and Three Arrows Capital just to name a few.
  • I had a chat with Anil (Delphi COO) yesterday and found out that Aave and Synthetix pays them at least 80% in their native tokens for consultation.
  • This is a good way to build out real world partnerships and get skin in the game from top firms in the space.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


I don’t understand this proposal. Are you suggesting spending treasury funds for them to help brainstorm / market? The team is resource constrained, giving more ideas won’t really help as I don’t think the protocol is suffering from a lack of ideas / ambition.

I think funds would be better spent on directly funding project development and hiring software engineers.

I would be ok with this. There is plenty of money in the treasury, and we only get one shot at succes. Well thought out proposals from them would be welcome, and worth paying for (it would in the end pay for itself)

My concern is that Synthetix and Aave investors might not really want Mirror to succeed, as it drives capital away from their platforms… since Delphi is invested with both already there could be a conflict of interest.

You may be happy to hear that we are currently talking with Delphi on how they can expand the Terra/Mirror ecosystem.