Proposal to add some China Stocks

China is moving so quickly when we talk about technology. We should add some China stocks like DIDI or Baidu.

I dont have 100 MIR to make a proposal but I know that there are a lot of people here that can do them.



Hope you like the idea.

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When they stop brainwashing Uighur people and jailing Hong Kong activists, we’ll maybe look into it. Maybe

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Chinese stocks actually have the best use case for Mirror since it’s “impossible” for foreign investors to actually own them (look up how VIE actually work) and China has talked about cracking down on international listings (as well as the US ironically).


Or you can call our pal Lary from BlackRock and not follow Soros’ advice. I mean 10 billion in assets can’t be wrong, right ?

mBABA is my main holding here

Long live China

I’d get behind a vote for DiDi they pay their drivers 24% higher commissions on rides than Uber.
I’d like to own Uber but they rob their employees blind.