[Proposal] Using Community Funds for mAsset Whitelisting

[Proposal] Using Community Funds for mAsset Whitelisting

Hello? Mirror has been receiving a lot of attention since its release on December 7th last year.
Mirror determines which mAsset will be added through governance voting.
Currently, we voted on the assets that Mirror users want through various proposals.
As a result, mBTC, mETH, mFB, mGS, mAirbnb are preparing for Whitelisting.

Many mAsets have been passed so far, but they are not listed as liquidity and technical issues.
Many users want to trade various mAsets, but I don’t think they can whitelist them because they don’t have technical skills.
So I hope to use a community fund for whitelisting work and support the fund to applicants who have successfully completed the whitelisting proposal.

Until now, As far as, I know that TFL was responsible for this task.
It would be great if users can do it because TFL’s development resources are limited.


  1. To secure initial liquidity, a pre-survey is conducted at Forum for a period (maybe 2 weeks to 1 month?).

  2. Whitelisting the mAssets obtained through preliminary research through voting.

  3. If a certain level of liquidity is secured after whitelisting is completed, a certain amount of fund is provided to the person who performed whitelisting.


  1. Users will be able to trade various mAssets they want.

  2. Activation of various mAssets will help increase the value of MIR and the Terra blockchain.

  3. You will be able to construct an ETF using various mAssets.


  1. How much money will be provide?

  2. How is the safety of the assets whitelisting solve? (Liquidity, mAsset to be added, etc.)-Of course, I think this will be solved by voting.

  3. How will select people who will be whitelisting?

Stable and continuous whitelisting will lead Mirror to success.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.