[Proposal] Whitelist $WCLD Wisdom Tree Cloud Computing ETF

Would like to propose this ETF, but would like to get the community’s views first:

What is WCLD?

  • An ETF that seeks to track the price of the Nasdaq Emerging Cloud Index
  • A basket of 30-40 of the fastest growing cloud names.
  • The ETF is equally weighted so there is no overweight of larger market cap stocks. To be included in the index, a stock must meet growth criteria (25% + for at least 2 years running), and derive 90% or more of its revenue from cloud verticals. The ETF rebalances every quarter
  • Example of holdings are SNOW, NET, SHOP, DDOG, DOCU, CRWD etc.

Why invest?

  • Cloud computing has become the most important trend in the software and technology
  • The ETF allows diversified but selective exposure to the cloud sector, focused on the emerging cloud (meaning the fastest growing names)

Why a MIR asset?

  • Terra users are Tech evangelists, and cloud should be at the core of a tech portfolio


everything is clear