Pros and cons of Terra vs BSC (vs ETH)


I’m pretty experienced with Binance Smart Chain (through PancakeSwap and yield optimizers).
I wanted to try out Mirror and mirrored assets with liquidity pools.

What are the benefits of using Terra chain rather than sticking to BSC?

I did consider using Terra just to have “diversification”, but I miss auto-compounding projects like on it.

I would rather stay away from ETH till gas prices lower.

I’m interested in both technical and economical differences and advantages. Thanks in advance!

I use both. I use autofarm to stake my amzn-ust LPs. I agree that the automatic compounding is quite nice, but diversifying is quite important, especially if you’re concerned (as I am) about a pullback in the markets. The ability to be exposed to VIXY is a major plus for me. I also don’t mind earning MIR instead of the auto compounding. If you believe in the protocol enough to invest in mAssets, it just makes sense to me to hold some MIR (staked for governence or as LPs or both).

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