Question about Ledger terra station

I have a question:

I am already staking MIR and Terra on my current Terra adres/account. I would like to use my ledger for extra security.

Is it possible to use my Ledger with my existing Terra adres/account?

Or do I have to send all my MIR and Terra coins to the new adres that my Ledger created when I connected my Ledger for the first time with Terra station?

I hope than someone can help me :slight_smile:

You can set your existing seed phrase on your ledger device.
You don’t need to send them to a new address.

Thank you for your reply.
Can you please explain me how I can set my existing seed phrase on my Ledger exacly?
I still do not know how it works :S

If you want to move to a Ledger and use best security practices, I would suggest that you create the seed phrase on the Ledger and send your terra funds to your newly created wallet.

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