Question about mADA and whitelisting

Hey, newbie here, i was looking to the last governance voting and found assets that are whitelisted but not listed. I have been reading a little bit around here and found out that only assets with oracles get listed, but assets like mADA are in Band protocol and neither is listed.

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Someone needs to put forward a Registration vote with the correct Band oracle parameters. Usually that’s the same person that proposed Whitelisting.

I believe there’s some extra work that gets done behind the scenes by Band & Mirror to make sure the asset works before anyone proposes registration as once the Registration vote passes, it’s automatically made in the backend and so if the Band feed has a bug, there can be problems.

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Ok nice, do you know how much time it takes usually to list an asset?

Highly variable. Some get listed right away, others haven’t been listed for months. ADA has better odds because Band already has an Oracle so I’d think it’ll be in the next batch

But no ETA on that sadly

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