[Question] Premiums

New to Mirror… Why are the premiums on Mirror so high !?

Surely the whole idea is to MIRROR the price in the real world… what’s that point if your going to have adjust the real world prices all the time presumably by a premium that could fluctuate ?


Eager to read replies…

Also been wondering this myself lately. I think there’s been some vote on this too, but not sure. Not following that closely…
Fact is, kind of nullifies the whole idea of Mirror, tend to agree…

That is a problem mirror V3 is trying to solve, current premiums are bcs of a few reasons, no way of shorting the stock, and speculation premium.

If you mint and sell, you are short.

you are shorting and not short at the same time, you are shorting the price of the token through LP, but not the oracle price, so if the premium is 10%, and you short and tomorrow’s oracle price goes 10% you are not in profit, I didn’t express myself fully in that answer.