Register JNJ parameters. POLL 124

Hello community!
I created a poll ID: 124. I believe that the protocol needs more diverse assets for trading.
Many people voted for the adoption of the proposal.
As of this morning, it was YES-8%, NO-0.03 %.
Now the results are FOR-8.11%, against-20.26 %.

Someone alone voted against my proposal with 20% of the votes. At the same time, he did not vote for other proposals, only for mine.
(Transaction hash: A9142B059D8B9C33AFB52538CEB44CB3654F26B49CC34D242148EBA4C44AA519)

Can this protocol be considered decentralized if one person makes a decision?
Then why take the initiative and try to develop the protocol if someone prevents you from doing it?

This is probably why…


Good. I understood.

It has been 6 months since the proposals were accepted, and new good assets of JNJ, NVIDIA, Walmart and others that could provide a large trading volume are not being added.
And when will they be added? In a year? In 2 years?
The protocol is not being developed.

It would be great if you created the forum thread BEFORE you listed your proposal, along with the details on how you came up with the Oracle contract.

I know a few people who will systematically vote no on any proposal where the author did not take a minute to explain what’s at stake with the vote

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