Register Whitelisted Assets

I would like to put in polls to register some of the new assets we have been whitelisting. However, I don’t know how to initiate the oracle feed. I see there is an example in the docs but do I need to contact band somehow to turn on the feed or just put in the same oracle address from the example in the docs?

Oracle address must provide data for registered mAsset. You can’t just put random one, it will be rejected

Thanks. I spent some more time in the docs and found the e-mail for chainlink integrations. I contacted them today about providing an oracle address for Nike… Just a test run. If they provide the address I will initiate a poll to get it registered… we will see how it goes.

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I’ve contacted Chainlink already about one such mAsset I am interested in (SOL).
I saw it was whitelisted already, so only Registering of params is necessary.
I’ll put here below their response. Hope it helps!

Thanks for your email and apologies for the delayed response.
The documentation for Chainlink price feeds for Terra can be found here:
Using Data Feeds (Terra) | Chainlink Documentation

Note that we are currently on the Bombay-12 testnet, not yet on mainnet.

The requested SOL/USD price feed address can be found here:
Terra Feeds | Chainlink Documentation (see SOL/USD: terra19rytncykgvgt63u7hu5devygn2rjuqpzvwfp9c)

Hope that helps!

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Need to wait it will go to mainnet tho