Registering parameters for ARKK - oracle address?

was gonna try to create the vote to register the parameters for ARKK. One of the line items is the Oracle Feeder address? How does one find that? I wanted to do it so we would have it ready by next week. But if someone else familiar with the registering parameters vote be my guest


You are right! Someone from the Mirror team should take care off all the stocks that already passed! Who it’s taking care of listing them??

Yeah, it’s unclear how someone is supposed to find the oracle feeder address


I was looking at this very thing. 100 MIR is a lot to risk. I think I figured it out by looking at past registered parameters - the oracle feeder address is the same for all:


I’ll hazard a guess that this applies whenever Band Protocol is selected. It would be good I think to have clear step by step explanations for amateur enthusiasts such as myself :). If someone with more knowledge could affirm/refute the above address that would be awesome. :+1: :+1:


Hey, looks like the oracle feeder is on its way to being enabled for mARKK.

but regarding mARKK, the oracle feeder address has already been requested from Band. idk how long it is going to take
Telegram: Contact @mirror_protocol

Seems you have to wait for the feed to be enabled on the address band provides? Likely the above?

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