Regulatory concerns from a novice

As a person who lost money from an XRP investment, can someone explain if mAssets are viewed as a security by the SEC or not? If they are not, should I be concerned that the SEC will come after MIR the same way they came after XRP?

Thanks in advance

Hypothetically speaking, what would happen to an mAsset like Apple stock if the SEC decides to look into MIR? Would the mirrored stock lose any value, or will the MIR token be the only thing affected?

MAssets are minted with collateral , they have historically deviated from the peg, but generally stay close to it. Hypothetically speaking i think at the worst of times we might see a 5 - 10% deviation from peg. But i do think it would eventually recover.

mAssets are not stocks. They are price tracking assets that function using a set of open and decentralized rules and incentives that keep the mAsset price near or at peg.

How regulators view this, i have no idea.