Removing mAssets

Is there a situation where we would remove mAsset(s)? GS seems like the most likely candidate as it gets traded poorly. A bank ETF seems more appropriate, but there is a lot of irony behind Defi holders holding stonks in the assets they mean to replace.


Would someone just propose a blacklisting of an asset and the forced withdrawing of minted assets? It’s not unfounded to say that one day mAMC, mGME, or any mAsset will become worthless/be acquired/be delisted from their exchange. What happens then?

I think by simply proposing to turn an mAsset’s weight parameter to 0 would be helpful since:

  1. No more MIR reward generated from LP Staking of this mAsset
  2. Increase LP Staking reward for other mAssets

I think it is good to provide freedom for the users to mint, trade mAssets considering Mirror Protocol as a trading platform while also being somewhere they can farm yields, so personally think that 0 weight solution is better in the longer term


This makes the most sense. In extreme cases where the stock/etp no longer exists more drastic measures can be taken.

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I disagree. 1: You can short mGS if you don’t like traditional CeFi.
2: It drains liquidity from traditional brokerages into our Defi protocol.