Rewarding community members

Hello. Bumping this thread because it seemed like a good idea but we lost sight of this a bit.
I’d like to apply for a small community grant in return for moderating the Telegram and Discord channels.
I’ve answered and directed hundreds of people at this point and was glad to do so. I feel that answering peoples questions as soon as they pose them gives confidence in the project and the people running it and is a huge part of adoption of any new project.

However answering the same questions over and over does get tiring. I would gladly continue to welcome every newbie in to the community and making them feel welcome and safe for some compensation from the community fund. See it as a Community Manager role on the community’s payroll. I would like to start out by asking for 175 MIR for last month (January 2021). If you check combots stats you can see I have almost a perfect record, and have spend significant amounts of hours helping people both in chat and in DMs.) My telegram handle is @treehugger.

If you feel we should pay other peoples efforts as well (Seb, Bullish Guy, Nicholas Flamel come to mind) please comment and show your support.
Let me know if this sounds reasonable.

Cheers, Maarten

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I would support this proposal.


Perhaps you could also coordinate with our community lead @AG_1000


Maarteen, you definitely deserve it. Thanks for your mention, but I don’t think I deserve it. Please @AG_1000 make it happen!

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I see it like this: I have personally simpathy for the active members and on a project proposal I would tend to back them up (actually I did with mirrorscan … ). If I am not mistaken you proposed a site for marketing. That is a good idea to work on in the forum before proposing it in governance. I replied to your post adding the idea of an educational section. For example @bullishguy ) could add there the documentation of his tg bot. That site would make lot of sense and I would consider to contribute.

The current proposal is instead not very logical by itself: you completely deserve such a reward but it is not well formulated as a governance topic (the cost of the proposal is basically the outcome of it). What we can do is proposing a monthly fund (2000UST?) to be paid to 3 active members who deserve it ((if @bullishguy put the linux pinguin insead of Gates I would even nominate him :smiley: ). Proposal valid for 1 year … That has the minimal mass to go to governance. it doesn’t reward too much but the people supporting are also getting visibility and understanding the platform so it is like an additional well deserved reward.